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Where Will You Find Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are one of Australians’ biggest concerns when travelling domestically and overseas, according to Yahoo Travel.

With Australians making over four million trips abroad every year, 34% have encountered bed bugs on their travels. The highest number of infestations are found in Asia (49%), followed by Europe (43%).

Only 11% of Australians have encountered bed bugs in the country, mostly in NSW (48%) and Queensland (23%).

Pest controllers say that bed bugs are excellent travellers and migrate via luggage or clothing.

They are not limited to low socio-economic or dirty areas. Bed bugs can be found in five star hotels and any other area where people congregate and share bedding.

The creatures are hard to eliminate as they are mobile and the female lays upto 500 eggs in her lifetime.

However, travellers who encounter bed bugs are likely to spread the news widely. 61% report telling their friends and family, 15% post the information on travel review sites and an equal number post the message to social media sites like Facebook.