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Demand for Pest Controllers On the Rise

With food scarcity increasing, demand for pest managers is set to rise, reported Simon Leather from

Despite the demand for skilled pest controllers, the profession has trouble attacting graduates due to a lack of exposure to the field and a misunderstanding of what pest managers do.

Integrated pest management involves using a wide variety of approaches to combat pests, with pesticides being only one small component of any plan. A typical pest control plan may involve pest resistant plants, biological controls, land diversification, crop rotation and more. Pest controllers devise these plans baased on a detailed understanding of the biology and ecology of the pests being targeted. They need to be aware of their natural predators and how they are affected by habitat changes.

Pest managers today work in domestic and commercial settings, often engaged in high level work to ensure food security. Since solutions need to be affordable, they need a good grasp of economics along with business sense.