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Venomous Spiders Shut UK School

A British school has closed following an invasion of venomous false widow spiders, reported ABC News.

Officials shut down Dean Academy in Gloucestershire to allow pest controllers to exterminate the pest.

There has been a large spike in false widow numbers this year, with the spider able to inflict serious swelling and chest pains.

False widow spiders are suspected to have been brought to Britain from the Canary Isles in the 1800s. This population has been repeatedly bolstered via banana importations.

The spiders have now established strong colonies in southern England and some experts argue that global warming is allowing them to spread across the country.

Although the species is not aggressive and bites are rare, the principal of Dean Academy decided to close the school in the interests of student health and safety.

The spiders survived an initial fumigation and so the school was closed to allow for a more thorough follow up treatment.