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Pests Attack House and Bring Down Roof

A man in the UK has had his home of 16 years destroyed by rodents, according to The Lurgan Mail.

Local Lurgan resident, Wilson Gardiner, woke to find his bedroom soaked after rodents chewed through a water pipe in the roof.

The water had pooled on top of the insulation and then brought the whole ceiling down. The home now smells damp and he is unable to dry it out due to the heating being off. Carpet has been destroyed and there is a large hole in the ceiling that will need major repair work.

A pest controller found that the rodents had moved on to find shelter since the flooding.

Gardiner said the heating system was changed around five years ago, at which time PVC pipes were installed. He said the authorities should have chosen more durable material for the pipes.

Neighbours are concerned that the fleeing rodents may cause similar problems in their homes.