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7 Steps to Controlling Cockroaches At Home

There is a range of steps homeowners can take to combat pests at home, according to

While cockroaches can be seen as unsightly or a nusiance, they can attract more dangerous predators such as deadly spiders into the home, so these measures are important to follow.

1. Wipe up food spills on floors and counter tops immediately. Food in the pantry should be sealed tightly and pet food should be kept stored away until mealtime.

2. Clear debris such as leaves and wood piles outside the home so as to not give pests a place to hide.

3. Shrubs and plants should be trimmed so they don’t touch the roof or side of the home.

4. Take decaying plants away as they attract cockroaches.

5. Gardens should not be overwatered.

6. Cracks in walls and around the home foundation should be sealed. If they let in light, they can let in pests.

7. Exposed wood should be sealed or painted so that’s it’s safe from wood-eating pests.