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Canine Friends Used to Fight Bedbugs

Bed bug levels are now taking even pest controllers by surprise, according to the Herald Sun.

Pest controller, Phil Glegg, said that over his 30 year career he only recalled seeing one bed bug. But now they’re everywhere.

Infestation levels are rising year by year, with pest controllers reporting a rapid surge in demand. Bed bugs can be found in apartment complexes, hotels and public venues such as cinemas.

Some companies are now turning to trained dogs to help sniff out the hard-to-detect pest.

Glegg said that he uses two labradors, Rambo and Smoke, to carry out inspections.

Dogs are expensive to use and need to be accompanied by a trainer who knows how to put them to work, but they can be extremely effective in locating bed bugs.

Bed bugs emit a particular odour that the dogs can detect rapidly. The dogs can determine how much of an area is affected and conduct sniff tests afterwards to ensure the pest has been removed.