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Who Knew Cockroaches are in Your Food and Medicine

Chinese cockroach farmers are struggling up to keep up with demand from food retailers and pharmaceutical companies, according to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Malcolm Moore.

The favoured way to eat cockroaches in China is twice fried in a wok of boiling oil. The second frying makes the shell crunchy and the insides tender.

In one Shandong farm, 22 million insects live in plain concrete bunkers.

Mr Wang, a farmer, fries and eats them with chilli and instant noodle flavour powder.

Moore had a taste of the insect and reported that the cockroach insides were the texture of cottage cheese and tasted like earth and ammonia.

However, they are popular for their medicinal benefits more than their flavour.

Chinese doctors claim they can cure a number of ailments and that they work faster than many other types of medicine.

Powdered cockroaches are used in some Chinese hospitals to treat burns and in Korea they are used in facial masks.

China has an ageing population and doctors are looking for cheap ways to address ailments that affect the elderly.