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98 Year Old Woman Oblivious to 30,000 Bees in her Attic

Pest controllers found 30,000 bees in a 98 year old woman’s home, reported The Daily Mail’s Chris Pleasance.

The Florida retiree was oblivious to the noise caused by the bees, rats and squirrels as they fed on a honeycomb in her attic. She said she didn’t notice them while spending time in her garden.

The woman’s granddaughter was shocked that her grandmother had been sleeping under such a a large colony of bees.

Pest controllers estimate that the colony had been in her home for about a year.

They used a vacuum to clear a number of the insects before laying traps for the rodents, which had been feeding on the honeycomb.

As bees are crucial to the environment, they will be relocated rather than destroyed. Bees are estimated to add billions to the economy each year in pollination activity.

The pest controllers will return to deal with any rats that are left over.