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5 Steps to Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are a particularly nasty pet because they feed on the blood of humans and leave red, itchy marks in their wake. They are often found in accommodation and spread easily by clinging onto travellers’ clothes or luggage.shutterstock_116404093

Bed bugs are not native to Australia but came here through travellers from Europe and Asia. It has been stated that their numbers increased dramatically in Australia after Sydney’s 2000 Olympic Games saw many overseas travellers come visit.

The easiest way to recognise that you have a bed bug problem is if you wake up with red welts on your body that itch. Other signs include finding rusty coloured marks on your bed (fecal spots), small blood smears on the sheets or seeing the bugs themselves, although this can be difficult because they are nocturnal. Once you’ve identified a bed bug problem you need to act quickly and decisively to make sure they don’t infest your room and spread further. Follow these steps:

  1. Put all your bedding in a double bag and wash in a washing machine on the hottest setting. Discard the inner bag in case it has collected bed bugs and dry for 30 minutes or more in a hot dryer.

  2. Around 70% of bed bugs hide in the headboard, mattress and bed frame. Vacuum the mattress, bed frame and surrounds. Then discard the vacuum bag. To eradicate any eggs left you’ll need a specialised insecticide spray.

  3. After you’ve tackled the bed, treat the entire room. Bed bugs love to hide in little cracks and crevices so pay particular attention to drawers, toys, windows, blinds, pictures and other furniture. A good dry steamer can help with this. You may need to repeat these steps a few times over the coming days and weeks.

  4. If you have a bad or stubborn problem, call in a professional. If you live in an apartment building it is best to alert the property manager because bed bugs can spread quickly between rooms and apartments.

  5. Prevent further infestations by checking your luggage and clothes carefully when you return from a trip and washing everything thoroughly in hot water. When you arrive at your accommodation when travelling, check the bed for signs of bed bugs and ask for another room or go to a different place entirely if any are present.