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Chinese Woman Shares Her Home With 100,000 Cockroaches, Calling Them Her Babies

In the Fujian Province of South-East China, Yuan Meixia, a 37 year old cockroach breeder, shares her home with 100,000 cockroaches. Inside the rural woodland house, the doors have been replaced with silk nets and every crevice has been cemented to prevent the cockroaches from escaping.

She feeds them at 6pm every afternoon by leaving out apples, bran and melons around the house. She treats them like they are part of the family, calling them “my children, my babies”… until they are matured.

Once fully grown, she drowns them before leaving them out to dry. She has been breeding these pests and selling them to a pharmaceutical company where they are used for traditional Chinese medicine.

Harvesting every 2 months and collecting from 10-20kgs every time, she sells them for £70 (around AUD$130) a kilo.