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New Species of Beetle Discovered in World’s Deepest Cave

The Krubera Cave, which is more than 2,197 metres (7,208 ft) deep, is the world’s deepest cave, which is located in Abkhazia, Georgia. Also known as the “Everest of the Caves”, it is home to the newest species of beetles discovered by…

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Rats On Planes: More Common Than You Think

An official of India’s state-run Central Warehousing Corp., who declined to be named, confirmed that rats on planes are a more common problem than what people may expect. Central Warehousing offers pest control services to airlines, ports, railways, shipping companies and government…

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Grocery Firm Fined £10,000 After Pests Found

Mr. Mohammed Nazrul Hussain Mannan, the owner of a local Halal butchers shop, was fined £10,000 after Environmental Health Officers found a number of food hygiene breaches and rodent infestations. He was found to have sold unfit food that was contaminated by…

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Corn Pests Numbers Low, As Researcher Works To Eradicate Them

Fangneng Huang is an entomologist at LSU AgCenter, studying how insects become resistant to Bt corn. Bt corn is corn that has been genetically modified to contain Bacillus thuringiensis proteins, which are toxic to caterpillar pests such as corn borers and armyworms….

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Bees Kill More Workers Than Other Insects Combined

Bees are the number 1 killer of workers in Texas, according a new 16-page government report. The report showed that: – 63% killed by Bees – 13% killed by Wasps – 8% killed by Spiders – 5% killed by Ants – 11%…

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Mosquitoes able to ‘Smell’ and ‘Taste’ Repellents

A taste receptor has been discovered for the first time in the mouthpart of mosquitoes by Joseph Dickens, an entomologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agricultural Research Service. Mosquitoes not only have a smell for certain insect repellents but they…

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