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Bees Used As A Pest Control Method

Bumblebees and honeybees now have new jobs adding to their original role as pollinators. Professor Peter Kevan, an entomologist and Director of the Canadian Pollination Initiative teamed up with another scientist to develop this new system of Pest Control called vectoring.

Vectoring is the process in which bees pass through a tray filled with organic pest control powder as they exit their hives. The powder attaches to the tiny hairs on the bees, and as they visit flowers and plants to pollinate them, the bees simultaneously do pest control. After 14,000 trials, they have developed the right formula that has the right dose to suppress the presence of aphids, whiteflies and thrips amongst other insects while not harming the bees.

“It’s less labour intensive than spraying,” says Prof. Kevan, saving farmers a lot of money and time. There has been a 20-40% increase in crop productions of the farmers on Prince Edward Island in Canada where they having been using the vectoring method.