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Surveys Reveals Restaurant Patrons Underestimate Fly Threats

An Orkin Survey reveals shocking results on how restaurant patrons underestimate the health threats that flies present. Orkin entomologist and Technical Services Director Ron Harrison explains, “Many restaurants may not be aware that house flies are twice as filthy as cockroaches”. He further stresses the importance that people understand the health threat from flies to prevent the transmission of dangerous diseases and bacteria.

According to the survey:

– 61% of people would continue eating their meal after a fly has touched and contaminated it.
– And only 3% of people would continue eating their food on which a cockroach crawled.

Flies can leave behind thousands of germs and bacteria causing serious illnesses such as diarrhea, food poisoning, meningitis and bloodstream infections. They spread disease-causing pathogens after traveling from places with disease-laden garbage dumps and therefore, should not enter food preparation and dining areas.

Another survey conducted by Orkin highlights the low tolerance restaurant patrons have for pest sightings – as more than half expect a discount on their meal after spotting a pest in the restaurant.

– 50% have seen a pest at a restaurant in the last 12 months
– 95% of those sightings included flies
– 75% of those sightings were unreported because the restaurant patrons did not consider flies a major issue.