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Bees Kill More Workers Than Other Insects Combined

Bees are the number 1 killer of workers in Texas, according a new 16-page government report.

The report showed that:
– 63% killed by Bees
– 13% killed by Wasps
– 8% killed by Spiders
– 5% killed by Ants
– 11% killed by other/unknown pests

From 2003-2010, out of 83 people to died on the job due to insect-related injuries, 63% (52 people) were killed by bees. One in four fatalities occurred in Texas, with 21 insect deaths over the eight year span – outspacing the next closest state, Florida, where 8 workers died during the time.

Almost all the deaths were caused by the bugs’ stings, venomous bites or injections, but five fatalities were due to falls from a vehicle.