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Grocery Firm Fined £10,000 After Pests Found

Mr. Mohammed Nazrul Hussain Mannan, the owner of a local Halal butchers shop, was fined £10,000 after Environmental Health Officers found a number of food hygiene breaches and rodent infestations. He was found to have sold unfit food that was contaminated by pests and not reasonable for human consumption. The shop also failed to ensure adequate procedures were in place to control pests.

Health officers inspected the rear of the warehouse store and reported to have found mouse droppings with the foods, on the shelves and on the floor. The area smelt of rodent urine and packets of food and boxes were sticky; which is a sign on urination by the rodents. Furthermore, there were no indications of food that were going to be thrown away, so it was assumed that they were intended for sale to the customers.

Mike Assenheim, Executive Councillor for Regulatory Control stated, “To not meet these basic standards of hygiene is both dangerous and unacceptable.” This exposes the general public to food related illnesses.