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Pest Threatens The Philippines’ Most Valuable Agricultural Export

400,000 coconut trees were damaged in the past week and Secretary Francis Pangilinan, who is in charge of the Philippines’ food security, announced the 24 percent jump in the past week in the number of trees affected by an insect infestation, now…

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Increase In Meat Allergies Due To Tick Bites

Louise Danzig, a 63-year-old retired nurse from Long Island, woke up with “very swollen hands that were on fire with itching” hours after eating a burger. She was losing the ability to speak and her airway quickly closing as she reached the…

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Carpenter Ants Survive Cold Canada Winter And Is On The Rise

The red and black carpenter ants, which are the two most common carpenter ants in Canada, are on the rise after an unusually snowy winter, which has allowed them to survive, reports CBC News. They have their own type of “antifreeze” used…

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New Pest Found Destroying Banana Plantations In India

A new pest has been discovered destroying banana plantations in India. Infestations and damage has been found in Thiruvananthapuram, a major producer of bananas and in other banana farms in Kalliyoor, Kakkamoola and Pallichal near Vellayani according to The Hindu. This chocolate-brown…

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Bayer Reports Bee Health Levels Improve

It is difficult to pinpoint a single factor that is causing colony loss as bees are facing several challenges around pests and pathogens, loss of habitat, and poor farming and beekeeping practices according to Pest Control Technology Online. Ensuring improvement in the…

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UK Ladybirds Under Attack

The UK is home to 47 species of ladybird, a lot of which, we are very familiar with. The seven-spot ladybird is the most well known, along with the two-spot, which is also common and the 22-spot yellow ladybird – now being…

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