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Banned Pesticide Kills Tenant In The UAE

Maj Gen Khamis Al Mazeina, chief of Dubai Police, warned the dangers of using unlicensed pest exterminators and substances after a neighbour was killed and four others were injured from spraying apartment with a banned pesticide according to The National UAE.

Police, who first thought the man had died from food poisoning, found a strong smell coming through the floor. Fumes of aluminium phosphate, known as “bomb”, were thought to have caused the death of the tenant. Four other neighbours were also found, whom the toxic fumes had injured.

The tenant who had sprayed his apartment with the banned pesticide has been charged with manslaughter, along with three other men who supplied the product also being charged with causing accidental death. Prosecutors said the tenant had admitted administering the pesticide, which he had bought from a man who was working as a pest exterminator without a license.

In recent years, such pesticides have killed several people in buildings with central air conditioners, said Dubai Police. Situations like these highlight the need for consumers to only use licenced pest management companies. Further, Competitive Pest Services only use environmentally friendly products that are safe for you, your family and pets.