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Rodent Deterrent Sparked Silverado Fires

According to a fire official, the Silverado Fire, in Silverado Canyon, California, which has burned nearly 1,000 acres was believed to have been ignited by the reflection of the sun on metal sheeting put up by someone trying to keep rodents out of a vegetable garden, reported ABC 10 News.

The Orange County Fire Authority, Capt. Steve Concialdi, reminded residents to “use wire mesh to keep small rodents out” and to not “ever use a material that reflects like metal sheeting – it becomes like a magnifying glass.”

Despite the neighbours smelling wood burning, no action was taken since they did not see any smoke. The home owner later called 911 after the fire had started and they were not able to put it out since it was spreading too rapidly.

1,059 firefighters and five helicopters making water drops battled the fire with temperatures forecasted to top 100 degrees Fahrenheit.