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Top 20 Rattiest Cities in the United States

Orkin released a list of the top 20 rattiest cities in the United States ranked by the number of rodent treatments the company performed in 2013, reports PCT Online.

While they are known for eating human or pet food, they can be found chewing through other things such as furniture, clothing, wiring, insulation and piping. According to the survey, one-third of Americans saw a rodent in their home.

1. Chicago
2. Los Angeles
3. Washing, D.C.-Hagerstown
4. New York
5. San Francisco-Oak-San Jose
6. Seattle-Tacoma
7. Detroit
8. Cleveland-Akron-Canton
9. Baltimore
10. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale
11. Dallas-Ft. Worth
12. Denver
13. Houston
14. Atlanta
15. Boston-Manchester
16. Minneapolis-St. Paul
17. Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto
18. Syracuse
19. Indianapolis
20. Charlotte