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South Florida Library Temporarily Closed Due To Bed Bug Infestation

After a number of complaints from patrons about being bitten, the Oakland Park Library has been temporarily shut down to treat a bed bug infestation, reported the Sun Sentinel.

Surprisingly, bed bugs in libraries are a very common issue across the country where at times, bed bug sniffing dogs have been used to track down potential problems. Bed bugs can be found where people spend a lot of time and with an increased amount of people spending long periods of time at the library, it is easy for patrons to unknowingly carry in bugs from infested homes.

Renne Shrout, the Oakland Park City Clerk, has taken action immediately, though there is no real prevention. The library has been fumigated to kill the bed bugs and their eggs quickly. All chairs that were cloth have been removed and replaced with leatherette-type chairs that will make it much harder for bed bugs to attach to.