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New Cockroach Species Discovered in China

Despite cockroaches known for infecting human homes and eating our rubbish, the discovery of a new species from the cockroach family proves how most cockroaches prefer to live undisturbed, far away from cities and human homes, reports Science 2.0.

Out of the 4,600 different species of cockroaches worldwide, only 30 species are associated with human habitats. The new species, P. guizhouensis, was first collected far away from the cities of Guizhou Province, in an undisturbed log. The colony consisted of more than 60 nymphs and 52 adults that fled when the log was split.

Scientists know very little about these hermit cockroaches due to their secluded lifestyle, and hopes to learn more about these intriguing new species of cockroaches with the new discovery. They belong to a distinctive species known for drilling logs and feeding on wood.