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Ants Give Clues on How to Reduce Traffic Jams

When Physicist Apoorva Nagar from the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology studied the discipline ants have, it gave Nagar clues on how to reduce highway traffic jams, according to NPR News.

Nagar came up with three main reasons that why ants don’t jam up regardless of the large number of ants in one path:
– ants don’t have egos, therefore does not have the need to show off
– unless there is a huge pileup, ants just keep going
– ants are more disciplined when paths are more crowded and are less likely to make unexpected moves

Nagar was able to explain the movement of the ants in a mathematical equation, reworking Newton’s famous Force equals Mass times Acceleration. Though he was able to predict the movements of the ants, he is not sure how this relates to human as having less egos and more discipline may help keep traffic flowing more smoothly, but allowing cars to bump into each other may not be the best idea.