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Rats run rampant through Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs

Reports of rat sightings from businesses and residents have spiked from Bondi to the inner west suburbs and southern Sydney suburbs as far as Cronulla, following reports of a rodent epidemic in the Sydney CBD last week.

The cause of the growing rat population is unknown and has caused conjecture on social media with one inner west resident believed construction of the light rail is to blame. Residents of Darlinghurst direct the blame to the council for erratic collection times due to contracting out waste disposal, reports The Daily Telegraph

As the rat plague takes over the city, it would appear the confidence of the rats is increasing and are also canny enough to steal food from traditional snap traps without getting caught.

Rats are great climbers and tend to nest in roof cavities via overhanging tree branches. Once in residence, they breed, feed, defecate, fight and chew to their hearts’ content while humans live below.