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Plants that feast on insects

There are more than 600 species of carnivorous plants found around the world from the Japan to the lush jungles of south East Asia, the billabongs of northern Australia to the rain drenched mountains of South America more previously unknown species of carnivorous plants are being found.

Through time the plants have evolved and developed the ability to trap prey and extract the nutrients they need to survive and grow due to the lack of nutrient in the environments they are found. Some species use a sticky substance to trap them, others a sweet substance to lure them in and the most famous Venus flytrap uses a snap trap.

Not all insects fall victim to these carnivorous plants. A number of arthropod species have co-evolved and have developed ways to feed on the prey the plant has trapped such as Cyrtopeltis bugs in Australia they can walk unaffected among the sticky secretions of sundews to feed.