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High tech drone trial in Australia to help fight against pests

Ninox Robotics is the company behind the 3 week trial with the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone hoping to deliver a powerful tool to help agricultures billion dollar invasive pest problems. The state of the art UAV has the ability to…

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Turkey’s president builds new palace because of cockroaches

If cockroaches infest someone’s house or office, they call in the pest-controllers. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been accused of wasting resources when he was prime minister by building the 1,150-room extravagant palace which has been reportedly illegally built on protected land. In…

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Cockroaches could be used to find disaster survivors

A team of researchers in Texas put tiny backpacks cockroaches with electronics used to enable researchers to control their movement. The controllable insect could carry tiny video cameras, microphones and other sensors to gather information from places where humans would rather not…

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Imported pest sighting surge

The fire ant is the most aggressive ant in the world, they swarm victims in seconds biting repeatedly causing welts and pustules and in an estimated 5% of cases they can cause death from allergic reaction. Sighting have increased by 70% in…

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