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Turkey’s president builds new palace because of cockroaches

If cockroaches infest someone’s house or office, they call in the pest-controllers. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been accused of wasting resources when he was prime minister by building the 1,150-room extravagant palace which has been reportedly illegally built on protected land.

In an interview on television in June, Erdogan said cockroaches had roamed the lavatories in the now-vacated prime ministry. He said: “Does such an office suit the prime minister of the Republic of Turkey? There can be no question of waste where representation is concerned.” Reported by Huffington Post.

The opposition parties has criticized the reported expenditure of $615 million but Erdogan has always defended the building of the palace, saying it is a worthy symbol of the new Turkey he is trying to build. If only he was able to call in Competitive Pest Services!