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Most painful insect sting in the world. Part 2

Sharing the top spot at number 4 although rated slightly beneath the Bullet ant due to shorter lasting nature of its sting is the Tarantula hawk wasp whose resulting pain only lasts three fierce minutes.  Texans have been worried with the rise…

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Most painful insect sting in the World. Part 1

Entomologist Justin Schmidt who has been stung by more than a thousand times by 150 different species – mainly accidentally, but occasionally on purpose. He invented the Schmidt pain index which he ranks the pain of insect stings from one to four…

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Disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquito found in Far North Queensland

The aggressive disease carrying Asian tiger mosquito that spreads dengue fever, ross rover virus and chikungunya has been found at the Port of Cairns in far north Queensland which poses a major human and livestock health risk. Dr Roscoe Taylor from Queensland…

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We are now pleased to announce that we are officially HACCP certified!

Competitive Pest Services as part of its ongoing commitment to delivering the highest possible customer service delivery standards and compliance, has over the three months undertaken steps to become a HACCP accredited Pest Control Company. We are now pleased to announce that…

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Environmental and economic forces are encouraging the consumption of high protein insects

Insect eating or entomophagy is common in 80% of the world’s countries which more than 1000 species of edible bugs according to a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) report. In the last 3-4 years more than 25 start-ups that sell…

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We spent some time in Cambodia to help build houses for children in poverty and visit our sponsor children

  In September this year two of our technicians, Paul and Brad went to Cambodia to help build houses for the Tabitha Foundation and met our sponsor children. Competitive Pest Services has partnered with the Cambodian Children’s Fund to raise awareness and…

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