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Residential Pest Control

Pests At Home

You want your home to be a safe and comfortable place to be – but not for pests! Competitive Pest Control Services will conduct a thorough inspection, identify the nature and severity of your pest problem and sit down with you to discuss your options.

We get it: when it comes to your home, pest control isn’t always front of mind. But by the time you realise you have a pest problem, you’ll probably wish it had been. Servicing Pest Control Sydney and Brisbane, Competitive Pest Control will take the stress out of your home pest problem by eliminating pests altogether.

It’s a nasty thought, isn’t it? Your home should be a relaxing, comfortable place for you and your family, but instead you find yourself sharing it with a host of unwanted guests. And we’re not talking about your in-laws! From cockroaches in the kitchen to mice in the shed, your home can be an inviting place for all manner of creepy crawlies – which is where Competitive Pest Control comes in.

We understand that having pests in your home can be a stressful experience, so we aim to minimise disruption to your family life. We’ll start by providing a quote that’s fair, competitive and accurate – there are no hidden costs or added expenses. Once we’ve agreed on a plan of action that best suits your needs and your home, our skilled pest control technicians will act quickly and efficiently to remove the problem, eradicating all pests from your home and safe-guarding against their return.

Available Pest Control Sydney and Brisbane, our friendly pest control technicians work efficiently, our uniforms and trucks are clean and tidy and we won’t leave a mess. While we pride ourselves on our old-fashioned service, our equipment and products are ultra-modern and effective, as well as being safe for your family, pets and the environment.

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Our Team

Our Team

Competitive Pest Control has been in the business almost 20 years, so you know we’re serious about pest control.

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Our Team

Cambodian Children's Fund

This is an orphanage that was started by an Australian Scott Neeson. Scott visited Cambodia about six years ago, and was so moved by children scavenging on the Phnom Penh rubbish tip...

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