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Termites are a major threat to homes across Australia, with 1 in 3 being attacked, causing almost $700 million in damage each year. That’s why we provide extensive continued training for our specialist termite pest control technicians. Termite control services have three stage process from inspection to treatment, followed by after service care, we can ensure your home remains free of termites in the future.

Major real estate agencies across Australia – including McGrath, LJ Hooker and Ray White trust us to protect their investors’ homes, so if you’re concerned about termites in your home, talk to Competitive Pest Control Services, the experts in termite pest control.

Termite Control

Did you know that the majority of home insurance policies in Australia do not cover termite damage? In order to save yourself from spending thousands of dollars on repairs, you need to ensure there are no termites in your home. Luckily for you, our highly trained technicians know what to look for when it comes to the signs of a termite infestation. Which makes us the trusted name in Australia amongst residents who need a thorough and professional termite inspection conducted on their home.

These termite inspections are carried out using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology in accordance with the AS3660 Termite Control in Buildings standards. With a moisture detector being one of the primary tools we use to identify potential subterranean termite activity.

Once our inspection has been completed, we then prepare a 14-page report based on our findings. In this report, we’ll detail any ventilation or drainage issues that we may have found. We can even provide an optional thermal imaging camera inspection as an add-on if you’d also like to see high-quality photographic evidence.

Termite baiting and monitoring


In regard to termite infestations, there is no one size fits all solution. This means we must tailor our approach to the situation in order to eradicate them for good. Baiting with Exterra, Nemesis or Sentricon systems and monitoring the traps are but two ways we can rid your home of termites.

Chemical-free and highly effective, these baiting systems and monitoring techniques are your first wave of defence when there is confirmed termite activity. How it works is that we place baiting stations at predetermined intervals either above or below ground on your property. Within them is timber that’s used to lure the termites into the station and something called insect growth regulator. Once they’re fed this growth regulator, which essentially stops them from developing from larvae into their adult form, the colony cannot feed itself and all termites are eventually eliminated.

The setting up and deployment of these baiting stations is followed by a strict monitoring process. Whereby our expert technicians check the stations monthly for termite activity and to replenish the bait if necessary. The advantage of using the bait and monitor strategy is that it is non-poisonous and that it allows us to see with our own two eyes the progress we are making.

Termite chemical barrier


An alternative to baiting and monitoring is the use of a termite barrier. As the name suggests, a termite barrier is used to prevent termites from entering your home by way of a special formula which is deployed around the perimeter of your property. Similar to baiting, this formula is carried by the termites and spread throughout the colony until all termites have been destroyed.

To install a termite barrier, we dig a trench in the soil around your home and apply it with the formula, then back-fill the trench with the treated soil. This can be performed pre-construction if you’re in a high termite risk area and want to add an extension, renovate your home or build a brand new one. Post-construction termite barriers can also be implemented beneath pavers, concrete slabs or under the foundations of your home.

These termite barriers utilise chemicals that are safe for humans, pets and native animals. We also take great care when it comes to digging these trenches. Being careful not to damage pipes or wiring under the ground.


Termite Inspection

Subterranean termites are the most destructive and a pest to be taken seriously.

The best treatment is prevention, so a regular termite inspection by a termite pest control technician is recommended, and good property management to stop infestations getting started. Any damage or maintenance issues relating to moisture or water need to be resolved quickly and thoroughly, as subterranean termites need moisture and can often live completely underground, making detection very difficult. Signs to look out for include bubbling paint on timber, hollow sounding wood and mud tubes on walls and timbers.

Our technicians have a variety of inspection methods and equipment at their disposal to make a thorough inspection, so if your home is at risk don’t hesitate to talk to us today.

Learn more about common Australian termites.

Termite Treatment

Our specialised termite pest control technicians will develop a treatment plan specifically for your property, environment and local conditions.

With discreet, in-ground treatments, we’ll establish a perimeter for your home with our protect and prevent methodology. We’ll protect your home from current infestations and prevent new ones from occuring, destroying nearby nests. Our technician will continue to monitor your property and adjust the treatment as required based on reporting from our on-site monitoring stations, ensuring your home remains termite free.

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Termite Protection

With almost one in three Australian homes at risk, we take termite protection seriously and it’s never too late to start protecting your home.

Competitive Pest Control Services have a number modern proven techniques for protecting homes from termites, including monitoring systems, baiting, soil barriers and liquid control treatments for existing problems.. We’ll also educate you on property good management tips to reduce the risk of infestation getting started.

Learn more about common Australian termites.







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Local team, expert knowledge

We live where we work, and we pride ourselves on old-fashioned service. Our friendly technicians will arrive on time, in time, every time. work efficiently and won’t leave a mess.

With 25 years experience in residential pest control in Sydney, providing ant,cockroach, rat, spider, bedbug control and removal and much more. We really understand pests around the home and yard. We know where to look to find even the sneakiest pests making a home in your home, and we know the safest, most effective methods to send them packing.






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Safe for families and pets

We work with the latest in safe pest control technologies and treatments, keeping your family and pets safe. Our professionally trained technicians use targeted solutions at the source of the problem to keep bugs out and keep your home a place for healthy living.

Our ISO1401 certification for environmental impact management and HACCP food safety certification means you can trust Competitive Pest Control Services care about the safety and protection of your home.


All our treatments are environmentally friendly, because we love the Earth as much as you do. Our expertise enables us to keep chemical application to a minimum to keep the pests away.

Safe for kids & pets

Our technicians use only the safest, environmentally friendly treatments available in and around your home, to keep pests at bay giving you peace of mind as the kids continue to play in a safe and healthy environment.

Organic Pest Control

There’s more to effective pest control than chemicals. We target our applications to the source of the problem from enhanced inspections to exclusion methods followed by protection.

highly trained Professional technicians

highly trained Professional technicians

With 25 years in business you know we take pest control seriously. And that means training our technicians in the latest technologies and methods, continuously evaluating our solutions, performance and customer satisfaction. All Competitive Pest Services technicians undergo our professional training for pest control and customer service. Not only are they good. They’re friendly and neat.

Our team of professionals are trained in:

ENHANCED INSPECTION METHODS, for residential properties and yards.

EXCLUSION TECHNIQUES, to block the passages even the smallest of pests use to find their way into your home and property.

EXPERT PROTECTION, to effectively eradicate the pests already in your home.



With Competitive Pest Control Services you’ll never have to worry about paying for a job that hasn’t been done.

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We’re always trying to raise the standard of service, it’s one of the reasons we were name Australian Pest Manager of the Year four times in the past six years. When you employ our services, you know your pest problem will soon be a distant memory. What could be more satisfying than that?

*Please contact us to hear more about our 200% Money Back Guarantee - as due to issues sometimes outside our control, not all services may be covered by this offer.


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