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Rodents Rush In

  Winter = Rodent’s Dream, Establishment’s Nightmare As restaurant owners and operators are well aware, pest management is probably one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis. The amount of food, ideal moisture and temperature conditions provide pests with…

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How to keep pests out of your apartment

    Apartment living has its definite perks. Usually cheaper than your average house, less overall upkeep, and the closer sense of community. You may even have a very nice neighbor that lends you things from time to time. It is an…

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Quickest way to identify bed bugs

Bed bugs are the common name for Cimex lectularius, a flat, louse-like insect that lives off the blood of other animals. Because they’re so dark and tiny, they can be hard to spot, especially when hiding in hard to see or reach…

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When traveling to Asia: Look out for those pesky mosquitoes!

    A Victorian man visiting Thailand has died from the rare virus Japanese encephalitis. Summary: A 60 year old man contracted the disease by what is to be believed as a mosquito bite. JE is a rare disease that affects around 1 out…

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What happens when you don’t clean your gutters?

  Pests aren’t just a nuisance when it comes to destroying your family’s peace and quiet inside the house – they can also cause serious damage outside as well! Whether it be possums in the attic or rats in the basement, getting…

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New product to make Car Wires may be attracting rats!

black rat_335px

A steep increase in reports and complaints are raising concerns that automotive wiring made from soy and other biodegradable food-based material is making car engines into a perfect nesting environment! A synthetic lubricant company SynLube has compiled a list of vehicles that…

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