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Study confirms that climate change is impacting insect biodiversity

Two researchers shared how a study which started as a hobby between both staff members of the Natural History Museum of Denmark where they started to collecting and identifying insects from the museum’s rooftops for the past 18 years. They carried out…

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National Bee Pest Surveillance Program to be reviewed

Australia is the only country left to yet to contract the destructive bee pest Varroa destructor mite but is at high risk of that the pest could travel by cargo ships from neighbouring trade countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia and Paua…

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Tree-killing insect nearly finished in Twin Cities

The Illinois Department of Agriculture no longer will enforce a 2007 ban on transporting firewood between counties because the borer is too widespread. After the state gave up its fight against the spread of the emerald ash borer, local officials said the…

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Darwin’s fast-evolving finches use a natural insect repellent

Darwin’s finches are plagued by Stowaway disease carrying mosquitoes and by the parasitic fly Philornis downsi brought to the Galapagos Islands on tourist planes, whose larvae can kill entire broods of young birds, there is often 100 per cent mortality in nests…

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Bedbugs Riding The Bus In Philadelphia

A photo has surfaced on social media of bedbugs coming out of a bus seat seam on a bus in Philadelphia and quickly went viral. The picture drew attention to a problem that no city department wants. Both the Licenses and Inspection…

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Four New Bee Species Discovered in Australia

The South Australian bee specialists have been proved the 4 new native species by molecular and morphological evidence. The study will introduce a new barcoding which will be built to contain the barcode sequences of the identified Australian native bees. This database…

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