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To us, being recognised by the business community in awards for our work means a lot, but the greatest accolades come from our customers themselves – after all, they know us best.

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Our Customers

For a true insight into how we do business, read our customer testimonials; just a small sample of the many letters, emails and phone calls we regularly receive from our residential and commercial customers.


Fantastic, has no complaints in any areas, Tech was great, would highly recommend!

- Susie-February 2017

I had a pleasant experience with CPS. 10/10

- Kerri-February 2017

Great thank you will be getting CPS back next year for treatment again. 9/10

- Ian-February 2017

Worked brilliantly haven't seen anything since the treatment, would certainly recommend CPS.10/10

- Jeanne

Everything's been great and i have already recommended CPS to Friends & Family.

- Kirtsy-February 2017

Recommended by my daughter who also uses CPS. She also recommended one of her friends to use CPS. I am extremely happy with the work Paul done , very happy with CPS services! 10/10

- Steve-February 2017

Always happy with CPS services.10/10

- Hayat-February 2017

Very courteous, great team, been an over all great experience. Thank the CPS team for their great work!

- Karen- February 2017

Called prior to arrival very happy with service, van was clean and tidy. 10/10

- shawn- February 2017

Tech was fantastic, was on time she was just great, couldn't recommend enough! 10/10

- Katherine- February 2017

Fine, no problems I am very happy, would recommend to friends and family as CPS were absolutely brilliant.

- Andrea- February 2017

Fabulous Eddie was brilliant, very thorough and went through a lot with me, I would highly recommend CPS.

- Susannah - February 2017

Really great, highly recommend CPS you guys are awesome. Spoke with Jessica a few times now and shes brilliant really helpful. Guys are brilliant and Tech called in advance. 10/10

- Ben- February 2017

Great, really good thank you for the service and I would highly recommend. 10/10

- Jill- February 2017

Really really good thank you, I sent a survey through online, really happy with the service, efficient, Nick was great he rang before arriving at my property which was fabulous, also he was working in 41 degrees heat and did a fantastic job. Gone through pest control services before but CPS have been brilliant will definitely be using CPS in the future, also CPS have done my parents house as well, very happy thank you, its been great! would most certainly recommend. 10/10

- Doris- February 2017

I want to say how wonderful, efficient and great the Tech was, brilliant service. Would 100% recommend CPS in the future.

- Ian- February 2017

I always use CPS, really happy with service and would highly recommend CPS.

- Jackie- February 2017

Couldn't praise CPS enough. Extremely good and thankful. Used another company previously and they ruined my furniture, left chemical smell - so grateful for CPS's service.

- Tania-February 2017

Andrew was very professional & everything went smoothly on the day.

- Rachel- January 2017

Bron was fantastic, super efficient & professional & very thorough! 10/10

- Amanda-January 2017

Bron was a delight to deal with and a sweetheart, very hygienic & made us & our son feel at ease while she was doing the treatment.

- Anurag- January 2017

Brad was very pleasant & excellent.

- Penny- January 2017

Everything is Great there is nothing you can do to improve our services.

- Brett- January 2017

Matt is very efficient & was very good.10/10

- Myriam- January 2017

Bron was extremely happy & helpful & I will recommend her to everyone.

- Westley- January 2017

Will definitely use us again as the treatment has worked.

- Wilma-January 2017

absolutely everything was great Andrew was on time and everything went well

- Caitlyn- January 2017

We always use you guys, use you at work my parents use you guys. We always recommend you. Bron our tech was so accommodating- helped me with my pram, very very nice got stuck into it straight away! very nice, did a thorough job. Shes GREAT! 9/10

- Carlie -January 2017

fantastic! Honestly I would totally recommend you if anyone asked. Absolutely fantastic. 10/10

- Dougal - January 2017

you guys have been absolutely fantastic I cant talk you up enough. Service was fantastic. Technician was polite and thorough, yeah its been absolutely excellent. 10/10

- Tania- January 2017

Technician was great! Absolutely 10 out of 10 always good you guys are great we've been using you before and will use you for a long time! 10/10

- Paula- January 2017

very nice, very well mannered, very polite, we are always happy with you guys 9/10

- Any-January 2017

Oh yes I've used you guys for a while now, I always recommend you to friends 10/10

- Stephanie- January 2017

did an excellent job, Mathew was the best tech we've had so far I reckon, really thorough, did a great job near the hot water system. 10/10

- Brian- January 2017

Brons great we want her for next time! I would always recommend you guys to friends if it was definitely going to be Bron who was spraying! Loved her. 10/10

- Tracey- January 2017

You guys always do a good job, we've only used you guys since we moved to Sydney and we will continue to do so. 10/10

- Shane - January 2017

everything was fine- happy with service! If ever there has been a problem you’ve always sorted it out and come back. We have a few properites and you’ve always done a good job.- 9/10

- Colin- January 2017

very good, Matt was very professional 10/10

- lemuel- January 2017

Very very happy!!! Its been great!! 10/10

- Lorraine - January 2017

I keep coming back to you guys so you must be doing something right! 10/10

- Leanne- January 2017

tried other companies before & wasn’t happy so I tried you & I am very happy with the service 9/10

- Harris- january 2017

You are great - follow up well - good communication, techs are always great on the day

- 10/10 leanne-january 2017

The technician was knowledgeable and efficient. Great! 10/10

- Sarah, December 2016

He was efficient and did a great job. Thanks for a great service. 10/10

- Catherine, December 2016

The guy was polite. Nothing but positive feedback! See you the same time next year. 10/10

- Jim, December 2016

All round good service, everything went as expected. 10/10

- Richard, December 2016

You guys are perfect, always prompt to get back to me about bookings and re-treatments whenever I've called you guys again. You guys are brilliant. 10/10

- Tresne, December 2016

Mel was great at explaining everything, very quick, efficient and prompt. 10/10

- Rebecca, December 2016

Everything ran smoothly, we are very happy with the service. Request has been made to only send Brad to future jobs. He was excellent!

- Mehdi, December 2016

Brad was fantastic! Very friendly and knowledgeable. We will definitely be booking with you guys again. I can not recommend him enough!!!! 10/10

- Jennifer, December 2016

Both technicians who came out to do both services were really good. Thank you! 10/10

- Chloe, December 2016

Mel was really good and pleasant to deal with. She did a great job! 10/10

- Zeno, December 2016

Been using you guys for a few years and service has always been good 8/10

- Chris, December 2016

Where do you find all these friendly technicians? Everyone who has come to us has been fantastic! 10/10

- Marie, December 2016

Service is wonderful, you guys do a great job at following up with customers. Well done! 10/10

- Monique, December 2016

Technician was very informative and all went well 10/10

- Lee, December 2016

The technician that came was really thorough and did a good job 10/10

- Shane, December 2016

The technician was very professional and she explained everything she was going to do 10/10

- Erika, December 2016

I've used you guys for the past 3 years and each time you have been consistent and have done a great job 10/10

- Jenny, December 2016

Impact is almost immediate! Wasn't there but was my wife was happy with the technician, Nicholas. He was friendly and down to earth. 9/10

- Mitchell, November 2016

Very professional and friendly. Considerate and good at communicating. 9/10

- Helke, November 2016

Every experience I've had has been amazing! Technicians are thorough and answer all my questions. Good service. 10/10

- Naomi, November 2016

Never had any issues, been with you guys for 5 years. Gets the job done thoroughly and everyone is pleasant. 10/10

- Lesley, November 2016

Perfect experience every time!! 10/10

- Barbara, November 2016

Very easy and smooth. 10/10

- Alex, November 2016

The lady was very thorough and probably the best technician we've had so far as she took her time and did a great job. 10/10

- Sam, November 2016

Professional and I enjoy the service. 9.5/10

- Jamie, October 2016

Technician was friendly, courteous and just really good to work. Made our job a lot easier! Very happy.

- Jay, October 2016

Very friendly and informative, been using you guys for a few years now and its been excellent! 10/10

- Pamela, October 2016

If every technician you have is like Melissa, you'll be in business for a very long time. She was great!

- Dominic, October 2016

Andrew was really good, very nice and personable. Answered all my queries. 10/10

- Ian, October 2016

The guys are really good, they tell me what they've found and what they've done. If any problems come up, I will definitely get in touch. 10/10

- Carol, October 2016

Melissa did a good job, a very pleasant person. 9/10

- Alan, October 2016

Very happy I haven't seen any insects so far. 10/10

- Lucy, October 2016

Happy with how it all went. 10/10

- Margaret, October 2016

Technicians are very good and thorough, very positive. Overall positive feedback. 9/10

- Rania, October 2016

Nicholas was great very professional, informative. Great service. 10/10.

- Heather, September 2016.

She was very good, very informative, efficient. Very happy how she conducted service and herself!

- Satomi, September 2016.

Very polite & friendly!! Very happy with the service received.

- Amanda, September 2016.

Nick was very prompt, professional- Overall very happy!!

- Brid, September 2016.

Ben was sound, very useful, helpful and very informative.

- Morgan, September 2016.

I've used you for a long time- I will always use you.

- Tina, September 2016.

Was extremely thorough- I've had this service before and he took a good amount of time!!

- Colette, September 2016.

Informative, personable made it very clear as to what was happening and to expect.

- Chris, September 2016.

It was good- Thank you!!

- Mela, September 2016.

Brad was really good, very respectful- Overall very happy.

- Helen, September 2016.

All good, no problems!!

- Tea Journal, August 2016.

All good- Very professional.

- Brett, August 2016.

Paul and Ben, they were polite, Courteous & explained what they were doing!

- Fiona, August 2016.

Very good , Professional, answered all my question and concerns. Just very good.

- Sigrun, August 2016.

Was very friendly professional- Steve was great

- Kate, August 2016.

Was very polite, Awesome!!

- Bret, August 2016.


- Sarah, August 2016.

Very helpful answered all my questions, professional.

- Maggie, August 2016.

Hes fantastic that’s why- I only request Paul.

- National Day Surgery- Kogarah Hospital, August 2016.

Ben was great!!

- Skye, July 2016.

Appreciate Paul has a lot of experience.

- Stephan, July 2016.

Ben was Very helpful, very proactive. As he was doing treatment was very helpful explaining what is been done.

- Kumar, July 2016.


- Brandon, July 2016

Nick is Very professional, wonderful man, very friendly. Would love him to come back every year.

- Marie, July 2016.


- Tim, July 2016.

Mel's great, fantastic- Always happy!!

- Aggie, July 2016.


- MAy, July 2016.


- Rhonda, July 2016.

Paul was very good, very capable.

- Carolyn, July 2016.


- Dannielle, June 2016.

Nicholas was very polite, no problems at all - Great service - Very very happy with what we have done!!

- Sasha, June 2016.

Very very impressed with Mel, said best tech we have ever had!!

- Great Aunty Three, June 2016.


- Christine, June 2016.


- Sue, June 2016.


- Fujifilm Australia Pty Ltd, June 2016.


- Monica, April 2016.

Very pleasant Gentleman and not seen any Cockroaches Since - Would definitely recommend!!

- Fulton Hogan Constructions PTY LTD, April 2016.

Always a Great Service!! Never have any issues.

- Charles O'Neil Hostel, April 2016.


- Greg, April 2016


- shannon, April 2016.


- Robin, April 2016.

Never have any complaints about our services - have always had a good service.

- Holy Spirit Aged Care, April 2016

Techs on site were very professional & competent. The boss is happy!

- Timeframe Group Pty Ltd, April 2016.


- Jonas,April 2016

All good- 10/10

- Hamish, March 2016.


- Mary, March 2016.

Melissa was very polite and informative.

- Paul, March 2016.

Loved every aspect of our service.

- Irena, March 2016

Very happy with Nick. He was very thorough.

- Peter, March 2016

Very happy with the service.

- Emma, March 2016

Steve exceeded his expectations. Spent a fair amount of time on the property.

- Richard, March 2016.

Absolutely loved your services and will use us every year.

- Candice, March 2016

Matt was brilliant!!

- Belinda, February 2016.

Mel was absolutely wonderful. Big round of applause for her and she is a great representative of your company!!!

- Margo, February 2016.

Quick, Productive, Working Well

- David, February 2016

Reliable and very professional- would recommend to any friend!

- Ertan, February 2016

Technician was great!! Entire service was great.

- Chris, February 2016

Every person in the company was very friendly, the company rates are competitive and would be happy to use the you again next year.

- Megan, February 2016.

Very happy with the bed bug service!! I have started to see changes already.

- Peter, February 2016


- Anita, February 2016.

I want to be this company's long term customer!

- Minnie, February 2016.

Would love to have Brad back next year! Great job and very informative.

- Ellena, February 2016

Very happy with the service- 10/10

- Shan, December 2015

Happy customer, tech 'spot on time'

- Susan, December

Always recommended you! Very happy with our relationship building.

- Leonie, December 2015.

Very happy, have had Andrew a few times and can not speak highly enough of him and the business.

- Glenda, December 2015

Very happy with whole service, quality tech.

- Martin, Decemeber 2015

Very happy - has and will use us again. Nothing better we can do.

- Mark, December 2015

Very happy with us, refers people to us and will continue to use CPS. States there is nothing we could do to improve service. Knows she can call if there is a problem and that we deliver on the warranty.

- Bronwyn, December 2015

Glowing review, loved Shannon. Nothing you could do to better the service!!

- Susan, December 2015

Lots of dead bugs around. Was awesome- very happy.

- Peter, November 2015

Everything was great!!

- Natasha, November 2015

Tech was lovely, Did a great job.

- Kylie, November 2015

Perfect not a worry in the world.

- Martin, October 2015

Very pleasant, 10/10 for everything.

- Debbie, October 2015.

Andrew is outstanding. Excellent customer service and advice re pest management.

- Bryan, October 2015

Awesome! Planning on sticking with us loves our work.

- Rebecca, October 2015

Fantastic!! Everyone I've had from your company has been awesome. Wouldn’t consider using anyone else.

- Ruth, October 2015.

Brad is very friendly and did a brilliant job.

- Allison, October 2015

Fabulous only finding dead cockroaches.

- Emma, October 2015

Very happy with us, been using us for years.

- Janet, October 2015

Very impressed with his efficiency and advice.

- Joan, October 2015

Brad was wonderful very thorough!! Found lots of dead things after he left.

- Robert, October 2015

Very happy with the level of service received.

- Mary-Anne, October 2015

Paul did a wonderful job. Excellent service

- Una, September

Really happy with every visit I have had from you

- Vanessa, September 2015

Everything was great, tech was really lovely.

- Melinda, September 2015

I couldn’t be more impressed with CPS. Very professional, prompt and knowledgeable

- Heather, September 2015

Very friendly and great service. Really happy with you guys

- Wendy, September 2015

Very happy with service and treatment looks to be working well. I have already reccomended you to a friend

- Margaret, September 2015

Tech was lovely and went into great detail on the day, happy with how everything is going.

- Ruth, September 2015

Very good

- Swantje, September 2015

Thank you Matt, you did a great job and I am seeing the great results

- Sarah, September 2015

Brad was lovely and did a great job

- Nicky, September 2015

Have been using Competitive Pest Service for years and won't be turning back

- Adrian, September 2015

Excellent! I organised CPS to treat my elderly aunt's house, she was very happy with everything.

- Jean, September 2015

Excellent service would highly recommend.

- Luka, September 2015

Very thourough and Paul really knew what he was talking about

- Leigh, September 2015

Very high level of service

- Kristelle, September 2015

Very good I have not seen any insects since the treatment

- Nadia, September 2015

Andrew is wonderful that’s why I requested him back again this year!

- Tanya, September 2015

Everything was Fantastic, I saw results straight away

- Sarah, September 2015

I have been using CPS for years and I have never had a problem. Thanks!

- Alex, August 2015

Was fantastic, very thorough! I have already recommended you guys to my sister in law.

- Tamika, August 2015

Happy with the service. He gave really good explanations about the treatment

- John, August 2015


- Veena, August 2015

Fantastic Service! I have already recommended you guys to my friends.

- Stephanie, August 2015

I learnt quite a lot from the Shannon. I will definitely be calling you back next year.

- Odette, August 2015

Everything went well. Andrew was very professional and did everything I expected him to do.

- Wei, August 2015

Perfect I haven seen any pests since. Came on time and was very helpful

- Amanda, August 2015

Came early gave courtesy call, Very friendly, Very professional and answered all questions asked.

- Ana, August 2015

Matt arrived on time, mentioned everything. Even gave a courtesy Call, Absolutely Fantastic Service

- Matthew, August 2015

Brad did a good job

- Joe, July 2015

Shannon was very polite, thorough and dealt really well with 4 very curious toddlers running around

- Kelvin, July 2015

Very good, he knew a lot of information

- Parthi, July 2015

Very accommodating and polite. Very happy.

- Bob, July 2015

Really happy with the service! Andrew was great.

- Amanda, July 2015

Brilliant. Working really well quicker than I thought.

- Sara, July 2015

Really great service everytime, We have been using you guys for years

- Heather and Daniel, July 2015

No problems was very good.

- Zahad, June 2015

Very happy with Paul he really knew his stuff, send him back next year.

- Joe, June 2015

Great service will recommend to my friends and family.

- Carrie, June 2015

Professional and friendly

- Leanne, June 2015

Brad was excellent did a very thorough inspection answered all my questions.

- Greg, June 2015

Everything went well. My wife said she is very happy

- Tirthankar, June 2015

Brad was great answered all questions and respected my wishes on what areas I did and didn’t want treated.

- Lisa, June 2015

Very nice man

- Nip, June 2015

Great service, happy with treatment

- Kay, June 2015

Thorough, very professional and gave great advice

- Diane, June 2015

Very satisfied. Really informative and really knew what he was talking about.

- Ivan, June 2015

Danny explained things really well. Thanks

- Paul, June 2015

Great job working fine

- Helen, June 2015

Working perfectly and tech was a really nice guy

- Andrew, June 2015

Brilliant! Super efficient

- Sarah, June 2015

Happy with service

- Darlean, June 2015

Very nice man

- Shoby, June 2015

Fantastic, very knowledgeable.

- Jackie, June 2015

Treatment is working well I have found a few dead cockroaches.

- Laura, June 2015

Very friendly and great service! Thanks!

- Chris, June 2015

Shannon was awesome. In and out within the hour which was great!

- Lisa, June 2015

Very helpful

- Thanh, May 2015

Very easy painless procedure.

- Julian, May 2015

Very happy. I keep finding dead cockroaches. Happy there was no smell after the treatment either

- Sujinda, May 2015

Pleasant to have around and very efficient

- Julie, May 2015

Aj was lovely.

- Phillipa, May 2015

Service was great, came on time and was thorough

- Lynette, May 2015

Very Satisfied

- Catherine, May 2015

Shannon did everything very diligently and i haven't seen any ants since.

- Eric, May 2015

Very nice guy did a great job and didn’t leave a mess

- Genevieve, May 2015

Very comprehensive termite inspection

- Jennifer, May 2015

Gave great advice and information

- Bronwyn, May 2015

David was on time, very polite and courteous of my family getting ready in the house for work and school.

- Darren, May 2015

No problems the guy did a great job

- Norman, May 2015

I have been using CPS for years as all the tech's i have had are very thorough and informative

- Donna, May 2015

No issues, I have seen a huge reduction of cockroaches!

- Amanda, May 2015

Very helpful and Danny was also very patient as i made him wait for 20 mins as the key wasn’t in the spot i thought i had put it.

- Henda, May 2015

I really appreciate the great service i received.

- Paul, May 2015

Paul was very pleasant to have around and he did a great job

- Elizabeth, May 2015

Steve was awesome. Very happy with everything I want Steve back next year please.

- Sultana, May 2015

I am still seeing the occasional dead cockroach. Happy he did a great job.

- Karl, May 2015

Danny was very helpful explained so much and will be sticking with you forever

- Lin, April 2014

Nice chap, did a good job

- Graham, April 2014

Very happy David knew what he was doing and was on time

- Helen, April 2014

Generally happy with treatment

- Linda, April 2014

Paul did a great job I just booked a termite inspection after I saw how thorough he was with the pest control

- Belinda, April 2014

Excellent. Andrew was on time and explained everything to me. Very happy

- Morna & Richard, April 2014

Great bloke, he was in and out did what he had to do. Thanks.

- Alex, April 2014

Very nice man, he did a great job

- Priya, April 2014

Paul was lovely did a brilliant job, please remind me next year

- Wendy, April 2014

Danny was very lovely and very safety conscious

- Amanda, April 2014

Very happy, no problems

- Bob, April 2014

I can not speak highly enough of the service I have received.

- Melinda, April 2014

AJ was a gentleman to my wife answered all her questions. Very happy

- Ethan, April 2014

Fantastic in every area of the business

- Belinda, April 2014

Perfect! The technician explained everything to me

- Jess, April 2014

Great service and very good job. Recommend you to my family

- Kim, April 2014

Very happy with the service. Shannon was a nice guy

- John, April 2014

Steve was on time and very lovely. Great experience with you guys.

- Elaine, April 2014

Excellent service. Termite Inspection was very thorough and gave great advice.

- Leonor, April 2014

I keep using you guys because every time the service has been brilliant. Cheers!

- Sean, April 2014

Excellent customer service from the first call to completion of the job. Well done!

- Sue, April 2014

Very prompt. I liked that the tech didn't waste my time he did what he had to do.

- Matt, April 2015

Aj was great he answered all my questions and offered really good advice. Very happy overall the office was great they responded quickly to my email

- Candida, April 2015

Happy, No problem

- Amreetha, April 2015

Great job very informative

- Roger, April 2015

Very smooth process from the booking to the treatment

- Michael, April 2015

I have been very happy with Paul every time he has been

- Catherine, April 2015

Thank you, everyone I spoke to was excellent. Matt who first took my call, then Melissa and Brad who completed the task. Very pleasant nice people.

- Judy, April 2015

Happy with service. All my questions were answered.

- Jessica, March 2015

Very happy

- Wong, March 2015

He was very polite and took his time.

- Estelle, March 2015

Happy with service but wish I knew that having a pest treatment and termite inspection on the same day is cheaper. I booked separately but will now have it done in one go.

- Alan, March 2015

Very good. Pests gone.

- Jennifer, March 2015

Very happy. Very happy with my Termite report how it has photos of my home.

- Kathy, March 2015

Great service, have been using these guys for years

- Alan, March 2015

Great! Working well, please send me Aj next year.

- Debbie, March 2015

The technician made me feel comfortable and was very helpful

- Bob, March 2015

He was very well mannered and polite

- Val, March 2015

Very informative, He showed me what he found around my home. Will be calling back next year

- Carie, March 2015

Excellent. Happy the technician remembered me from last year.

- Elani and John, March 2015

Really happy with the job done at the recall. David was really friendly and listened to me. She would recommend us to anyone else

- Eliza, February 2015

Ants have gone!

- Sandra, February 2015

Really happy. He was a bit late because of traffic but he called beforehand which was really good

- Jean, February 2015

Really happy dead cockroaches everywhere. Very happy to use you again

- Nada, February 2015

Very good service. 9/10 because I am a teacher so I never give 10!

- Liz, February 2015

Fabulous. Really happy. David was fantastic, really nice. Call me back in 12 months to book in again

- Jackie, February 2015

Great service which is why I keep coming back

- Deborah, February 2015

Fantastic on the telephone. Andrew was really wonderful. Excellent customer service. Job was perfect.

- David, February 2015

Happy seeing dead pests everywhere

- Joan, February 2015

Really happy with termite inspection, going to book a pest treatment now!

- Amanda, February 2015

Had to change the date of the original appointment and was really happy with how accommodating we were. Tech was also really good.

- Michael, February 2015

Paul was very informative

- Brad, February 2015

All good, not been home much to see the results but at time of treatment Brad was great, really helpful and enthusiastic.

- Lorenzo, January 2015

Terrific service, the technician was great, efficient and on time and went through everything with me.

- Max, January 2015

Really good service from the technician

- Vicky, January 2015

Great professional and helpful technician, not seen any dead bugs yet though.

- John, January 2015

Everything was fine, removed wasps nest.

- Ajay, January 2015

Technician was brilliant, done a good job.

- Izzet, January 2015

Cleared up everything, problem solved. Happy with technician.

- Tom, January 2015

Service was good, I went to work half way through.

- Allison, January 2015

No problems at all, very happy with Danny he explained everything and was fantastic. Gave Danny 20/10!

- Shelly, January 2015

Was pretty good, professional services and happy with the technician and the way he carried out the work.

- Kevin, January 2015

Very well, reduction in bugs already and i was happy with the technician.

- Dan, January 2015

Very knowledgeable technician and very happy with the warranty provided.

- Rory, January 2015

Really good since treatment, lots of dead roaches. I didn't stick around while treatment was taking place but happy with the overall service.

- Yelena, December 2014

Ok, everything seems fine since the treatment.

- Claris, December 2014

Much better, happy I went with you and used your services, will not be using my previous company ever again.

- Helen, December 2014

Great service, some bugs still around but that is to be expected.

- Ivan, December 2014

No termites found, happy with service and inspection.

- Richard, December 2014

Fantastic, not seen anything since the treatment. Very happy with the service and the technician.

- Carly, December 2014

No problem, happy with reduction of pests and with the technician.

- Bev, December 2014

Everything is fine. Andrew came last time and I requested him again, he was great as per usual.

- Glenda, December 2014

Really happy with the technician, very professional and felt very comfortable in the house with them.

- Ann, December 2014

Brad was a great bloke. Very Professional

- Jason, December 2014

Lots of dead roaches everywhere, very happy with the service and technician.

- Jesse, December 2014

Still seeing ants but will wait couple weeks till the elimination is over. Service was excellent, would recommend you to others definitely.

- Joanne, December 2014

Service is really good, I am very happy and told friends about you.

- Siraj, November 2014

Service was great, he was nice and came on time which was great.

- Chris, November 2014

Everything seems okay, Services was fine.

- Rhonda, November 2014

Service was fantastic, he came on time, he was very cautious. He was really nice.

- Elizabeth, November 2014

Got a courtesy call before he got here which was great. No dramas. Definitely using you guys again after renovations.

- Charles, November 2014

Service was good. Really happy with Dave, very nice guy, very good job.

- Thanh, November 2014

Service was Excellent, the guy was very friendly and the guy knew what he was talking about.

- Laura, November 2014

Everything is good, service alright, he came on time. Nice bloke.

- Ronald, November 2014

Absolutely fine, haven't seen any problems. I wasn't available on the day but guessing it was all good as per usual.

- Collette, November 2014

No problems! Service was good, haven't seen any cockroaches so far which is great.

- Michael, November 2014

He went through everything with me. No problems.

- Caroline, November 2014

I've had Andrew come out before and he is always really good.

- Danielle, October 2014

Everything went really well. Thanks!

- Sarah, October 2014

Everything was great! I will be in touch in 12 months.

- Emma, October 2014

All looks fine, i received great service. No problems at all.

- David, September 2014

Outside still see the odd bug, inside is great, other than that he was polite and provided great service.

- Diana, September 2014

The technician was really good, great service and he was very nice.

- Jodie, September 2014

Pretty good I didn't have much of an issue, looks to be okay. Excellent service

- Akhil, September 2014

Everything went well, I need to get out and clean up the dead bugs now.

- Ian, September 2014

Danny was very informative, showed up early. He was great.

- Pat, September 2014

Wonderful, no problems.

- Andy, September 2014

Things are going well, almost completely gone, Paul was very very good.

- Karly, September 2014

You guys are great, always on time, reliable and definitely seen the difference with dead bugs around.

- Debbie, September 2014

Lovely, polite and no problems at all.

- Hannah, September 2014

Very friendly and definitely notice the difference.

- Shanesh, September 2014

No problems

- Kerrie, September 2014

Dave was polite, professional and represented CPS well. He did a great job and I am happy to recommend you to my friends

- Helga, August 2014

David was on time and solved the problem

- Mary, August 2014

Very pleased with the service… Seeing a few dead bugs around so looks like the treatment is working.

- Rosemary, August 2014

Very happy with how everything went.

- Heather, August 2014

Paul was very polite and helpful, I appreciated the follow up call no other company has bothered checking back with me.

- Mandy, August 2014

No problems… Happy with the service

- Jenny, July 2014

Aj was polite, thorough, friendly & explained everything… problem resolved.

- Belinda, July 2014

Very happy with the service! I haven't noticed anything crawling around since.

- Sharon, July 2014

“You solved my problem, no more pests! Great service”

- Adelle, June 2014

“Your technician was prompt, friendly and approachable….not to mention the great job he did!. Your reminder and follow up calls are great, I love the way you operate!”

- Irvin, June 2014

“I can’t speak highly enough of Competitive Pest Services, the technician who came to my hours was polite, professional and friendly. I have high expectations of customer service and you have exceeded them!”

- Helen, June 2014

“I’d give you an 11 out of 10, he was polite, professional and very thorough.My neighbor recommended Competitive Pest Services to me and I will be recommending you to my friends and family also”

- Todd, June 2014

“100 out of 10! I’m so happy with the service, all of your staff are so lovely, and your technician was polite, respectful and very thorough”

- Teegan, May 2014

“Really happy with the service, David was very friendly, he was on time and the service was perfect!”

- Shelly, May 2014

“I’m very happy, seeing results already. The service was very professional. I have recommended Competitive Pest Services to my friends.”

- Alfonso, May 2014

“Everything is looking good, Paul arrived early which was great. Paul explained each step so I knew what was going on”

- Richard, May 2014

“I’m very happy, noticing spiders dying off, excellent service I look forward to hearing from you in 12 months’ time for my next service.”

- Frances, May 2014

“I’m noticing lots of dead roaches, Very happy with the service. Your technician was on time and explained everything”

- Vince, May 2014

“I've been in the service industry for over 30 years, the service I received was perfect!”

- Tony, May 2014

I haven't seen a bug since!

- Sarah, April 2013

Lovely technician did a great job.

- Susan, April 2013

Pests are gone, couldn't ask for more!

- Jake & Amanda, April 2013

Very happy, used the company for years and never had a problem.

- Greg, April 2013

Always happy with service, will recommend to friends.

- Veronica, April 2013

Very prompt response, extremely informative and very helpful. Cant fault the service by CPS.

- Rita, March 2013

Everything is good, I've noticed a lot of dead pests and the service was wonderful.

- Susie, March 2013

Very nice, polite & professional. Fantastic communication with customer.

- Geoff, March 2013

Best service any trade company has ever offered. Oliver was excellent with the booking, and the technician Iain was great. I will be recommending your services to my family and friends.

- Billie, March 2013

Excellent Service

- Leonardo, March 2013

Extremely happy. I would use Andrew again as he explained everything fully and did a thorough job. Very good level of customer care.

- Trish, March 2013

Very pleased with the work, the results and technician. Nothing to complain about at all and would use us again without a doubt!

- Margo, March 2013

We were absolutely great, called before arriving, got their on time and all work was carried out to a high quality. The results are fantastic, and am very pleased.

- Shayne, March 2013

Pleased with the overall level of care as well as the results. Happy to use us again.

- Barbara, March 2013

Delighted with the promptness of David and the efficiency of service!

- Nicole, March 2013

Absolutely loves the service, that’s exactly why I come back. We always turn up on time and do a great job. Absolutely delighted.

- Deborah & David, March 2013

Very very pleased, haven't seen any cockroaches since. No complaints at all.

- Wihib, March 2013

Service from Iain was outstanding!

- Song, March 2013

Iain was very pleasant and provided a high level of service.

- Kim, 2013

Excellent level of service and very impressed with David's knowledge.

- Brendan, 2013

Delighted with the work and how thorough it was. Noticed a difference instantly and am very pleased.

- Anna, March 2013

Very pleased with the treatment and thought David was very helpful and efficient.

- Julia, March 2013

Very pleased with Brad's work and his approach

- Lisa, March 2013

We have used Competitive for several years. Michael was very thorough and a credit to the company. Everyone was very polite and helpful.

- Jackie, February 2013

Fantastic service!

- Christie, February 2013

Did a good job, everyone was very helpful.

- Lee, February 2013

Really smooth service year after year. Staff training is high and very consistent  Everyone is always very polite, and were very impressed with their approach.

- Anna, February 2013

We've used other pest control companies who have been cowboys! Competitive however are very professional and have excellent results.

- Derek, February 2013

Brad was very good and professional, 5 star treatment and very pleasant.

- Cheryl, February 2013

We have used Competitive for several years, and will continue to use as our house is pest free.

- Val, February 2013

Very happy with the service. Only have a problem once a year, we call Competitive out and don;t see any bugs for another year.

- Lorraine, February 2013

David was very friendly and explained everything well.

- Shay, February 2013

Will continue to use, very good.

- Liang, February 2013

Excellent customer experience, punctual and a lovely package for the kids!

- Andrea, February 2013

Its the second time that we have used Competitive, Michael was very lovely and everyone else has been awesome.

- Renee, February 2013

Arrived promptly, very nice and professional mannerism. The guys couldn't do enough to help & were very friendly and approachable.

- Patsy, February 2013

The guys were great and everything was well explained.

- Robyn, January 2013

Gary did a great job - very efficient service from the team.

- Tamara, January 2013

Michael was an absolute gentleman! Very good at explaining everything to me.

- Maree, January 2013

Really friendly and informative.

- Rob, January 2013

Great - lovely guy. Always do a great job.

- Sarah & Andrew, January 2013

All good, definite reduction in pests!

- Jenny, January 2013

All good, very happy.

- Paddy, January 2013

Service was really good.

- Jenny, November 2012

Brad was really good - on time, careful and very methodical!

- Joanne, November 2012

Very happy with Andrew's service - very helpful and friendly.

- Lisa, November 2012

Everything looks great. Brad was fantastic and was really thorough with the treatment.

- John, October 2012

Scott was great and explained everything really well.

- Debbie, October 2012

Andrew was very helpful and explained everything thoroughly.

- Evan, October 2012

Very happy with the treatment. Scott was absolutely great and arrived on time

- Rosalind, October 2012

Justin was good and explained everything well.

- Naomi, September 2012

Everything went fine

- Tanya, September 2012

Raving fan - Andrew did a fantastic job

- Dallal, September 2012

Couldn't fault the service - Excellent.

- Sasha, September 2012

Treating is working really well. A very thorough job - very happy!

- Carmen, September 2012

Excellent service. Came out and arrived very promptly. Andrew did a a great job.

- Guy, August 2012

Everything went very well - couldn't have asked for a better service.

- Lynne, August 2012

Did a great job - explained everything very well.

- Rachel, August 2012

Very pleased - very happy with the service and will use Competitive again. Brad was very professional.

- Wendy, August 2012

Very polite and explained everything in detail including the guarantee. Excellent service

- Chantelle, July 2012

Excellent! couldn't fault at all, on time and extrememly helpful. Thanks

- Alix, July 2012

I have never had better service by a tradesman - very very happy

- Judith, June 2012

Very personable and informative - extremely competent

- Jill, June 2012

"perfect" had all the answers and did a great job

- Jeanne, May 2012

Scott really does a great job - always happy and friendly.

- Tony, May 2012

very professional and courteous. Treatment working very well

- Lucy, May 2012

the best tradesperson I have ever had. Extremely professional

- Graeme, April 2012

"wonderful" my neighbour is going to book and I would always recommend you

- Veronica, April 2012

If the Technician wore a Tux and a tie I would give him 10/10. Everything went great, couldnt fault it if i tried.

- Jamie, March 2012

 the treatment was great! I received excellent service which you rarely see in this industry. very impressed by the customer service also

- Tim, March 2012

You guys were awesome!

- Gary, January 2012

It's really good, extremely good! I've told my daughter and friends about you guys already! I’m over the moon, I found out things about the house that I didn't even know. The technician was so informative, and he was very helpful. As I'm a lady living by herself, I thought I was asking lots of stupid questions and he was very patient with me! Everything was explained. The whole experience has been excellent. Even the thank you card was appreciated!

- Kathy, January 2012

Everything's great. Competitive have been keeping things in check for me for a few years now. I’m very happy the termite inspection turned up negative!

- Tim, January 2012

The technician was really nice, he was very professional and I appreciated the text message he sent saying he was caught in traffic and would be a bit late.

- Suzanne, January 2012

I was extremely happy to be the raffle winner!! Thank you Competitive for the lovely organic meat platter.  I had some friends over, they had the lamb cutlets and they were absolutely lovely. They're looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of it.

- Karen, January 2012

It’s all ok so far. The technician was really good. He took the time to go over the report and explain everything to me.

- Rose, January 2012

Everything looks Great! I’m a  long term customer, so I received my reminder call and booked in. I didn't really have any issues in the first place but I like to keep on top of things!

- Henry, January 2012

It's all been really good, we’re very happy. There are no more cockroaches and it was quite bad before Competitive came and treated. The technician explained everything to me about the elimination period and the warranties.

- Dipali, January 2012

I got treatment for 2 properties and both houses seem to be working well. The technician is a really nice guy. He was very professional, seemed to do a thorough job and explained everything. I’m a very happy customer!

- Judy, January 2012

The technician was excellent. He seemed very thorough and he turned up on time. I’m very happy with the treatment.

- Robyn, January 2012

Everything's fine, thank you Competitive! The technician was great. Once he was finished, we sat down at the breakfast bar and went over the report. At the same time the technician went over all the warranties and the elimination period. He did everything I asked him to and was a very pleasant guy.

- Alan, January 2012

The technician was really pleasant. He was considerate enough to be careful of the pet bowls and the salad garden and left the place tidy!

- Andrea, January 2012

The absence of insects is a sign Competitive has been. I’m very happy.

- Jason, January 2012

The technician was very knowledgeable, polite and answered all my questions. He even took his shoes off when he went upstairs.

- Katia, January 2012

The ants are gone which I’m really pleased about. The technician was great, did a really good job. 10/10!!

- Ben, January 2012

Everything is perfect, no dramas. Never really had a big problem, it was more of a preventative as I’ve hasn't had pest control for a while now.

- Emily, January 2012

The treatment seems to be working really well! The technician was a really nice guy, very professional, and did a really thorough job! I’m a very happy customer!

- Judy, January 2012

I haven’t seen any cockroaches since Competitive treated which I’m really happy about. The ants have calmed down too. The technician was lovely, nothing was a hassle for him and he explained everything he was doing as he went around.

- Denna, January 2012

I’m very happy with the treatment. Competitive hit the ant nest right on the head. This is the fourth time they've had the same technician and I think he's absolutely fantastic, a very pleasant fellow. I really appreciate the thank you card too!

- Gordon, January 2012

The treatment is great! I’m not seeing any spiders anymore which is a good thing. The technician was really good and managed to treat areas that, in previous years, technicians said they couldn't get to. I feel a lot more confident with this year's treatment!

- Dennis, January 2012

It’s all really good, the treatment has never worked so quickly before and I’ve been getting pest control for a few years now. The technician was great, really wonderful. He was really nice and seemed to do a very thorough job.

- Helen, January 2012

It's all been good, everything seems fine. The technician was so personable and really efficient. He should be commended for his customer service!

- Anna, January 2012

Things are looking much, much better! The technician was absolutely wonderful, nothing seemed to be a trouble for him. He answered any questions I had and was really friendly.

- Robyn, January 2012

I  don’t really have a pest problem at the house but I get the treatments to keep everything at bay. I used to have a huge problem with huntsmen however the technician pointed out an area which was harbouring red backs and I didn't even know.

- Kathy, January 2012

So far, so good! I’m getting groogy cockroaches coming out wondering where their friends had gone. I get German cockroaches every year and they become quite a problem, so I’m happy that they're dying off and not being allowed to become an issue this year. The technician was friendly, informative and let me know exactly what to expect.

- Jane, January 2012

Hell yeah, the treatment is working well! I’m very happy with the treatment. I get fleas every year and I’ve had no bites this year, so Competitive got there just in time. I’ve had the same technician every year and would like to keep it that way! Each year the neighbours get their treatment done at the same time and they come to me to compare notes. When you go to their  house, you can smell the chemicals, but you can't smell ours!

- Lorraine, January 2012

I’m really pleased with the treatment. The technician was great, he did a really good job.

- Barbara, January 2012

Everything’s been great. I’m very happy with the results!

- Tanya, January 2012

The treatment is working great as there aren't any bugs around anymore!

- Narelle, January 2012

The technician did a great job, he was very thorough and very professional!

- Sehker, January 2012

I’m very happy that no termites were found. The technician was very pleasant and explained everything about the report.

- Jo, January 2012

I haven’t seen anything as of yet which I imagine is a great sign. I’m a return customer and I’m always happy with the treatments Competitive perform and the service provided. I really like the annual reminder calls as pest control is something that would slip my mind if I didn't get them.

- Dennis, January 2012

The technician was a really pleasant chap, it was like having a family member in the home!

- Mark, January 2012

Jill said everything's fine. I’m very happy there are no more cockroaches or red backs. The technician was excellent, he explained everything I needed to!

- Jill, January 2012

The termite inspection was pretty straight forward and the technician explained the report once it was completed. He was a really nice guy!

- Matt, January 2012

The technician was great and I’m very thankful for the winning raffle ticket!

- Andrew, January 2012

Everything's looking good. I’m finding lots of dead cockroaches outside the house but none inside, which I’m pleased about. The technician was really helpful and he was very considerate of my baby!

- Alex, January 2012

The company is really well run! As a single lady living alone, I really appreciated the video in the confirmation. Overall everything's fine, I’m very happy.

- Cindy, January 2012

Everything's looking pretty good. The technician explained everything. He spent time discussing spiders and other Aussie insects to let me know what things look like and what to look out for. He was really good and above all very helpful.

- Ian, January 2012

Everything's perfect. I’ve got absolutely no issues. I got the treatment as a preventative. The technician was great. He explained everything about the warranties and elimination period. Very happy!

- Sarah, December 2011

I’m very happy with the treatment. The technician was great. He did as he was told. He made sure the doors were closed behind him so the dog couldn’t get out. 10/10!

- Stephanie, December 2011

Everything's been great since the treatment. I’m very happy with the results and the technician was great. No problems whatsoever.

- Nancy, December 2011

Everything's good. The technician was perfect, definitely a 9 or 10. I’m very happy with the service Competitive provide and the treatments.

- Claire, December 2011

The technician was very polite and great to talk too!

- Brent, December 2011

I am very grateful for winning the raffle ticket!! The technician did a great. Everything at home is looking good after the treatment.

- Alex, December 2011

Competitive’s customer service is top! I’m very impressed with the technician. Everything was explained. If any of my friends mention pest control, I'll be recommending Competitive straight away.

- Debbie, December 2011

Everything's going wonderfully. The technician was very nice and very accommodating. He explained everything very clearly.

- Victoria, December 2011

I’ve used Competitive for the last couple of years now and I’m very happy with the level of service provided!

- Darralyne, December 2011

“Everything is absolutely fantastic! The technician was a very nice young man, very polite.

- Jim, December 2011

Everything's fantastic. The technician did a great job and even my dogs liked him! They usually bark wildly at strangers!

- David, December 2011

Everything's looking cool. The technician was great and did a good job explaining everything for me. I’m very happy that there were no termites found and I’m now looking forward to summer in a pest free house!

- Marlene, December 2011

Everything's fine. The technician was on time, quick, pleasant and made things really easy for me!

- Vanessa, December 2011

Everything inside the house is looking really. I’m very happy with the treatment!

- Julia, December 2011

The technician did a great job and everything was explained very clearly, he was great.

- Karen, December 2011

I’m a long term customer and have been recommending your services left, right and centre!

- Rhonda, December 2011

We've had absolutely no pests and no problems since Completive did treatment. The technician was fantastic, would give him 10/10!!

- Simon, December 2011

I haven’t seen any bugs in the house since it was treated. The technician was great and explained everything, a really pleasant guy.

- Paula, December 2011

The treatment's working wonders. I’ve seen nothing inside the house and nothing but dead cockroaches outside. I’m very happy with the result!

- Monique, December 2011

The service was great. The technician was really nice and friendly. I’m very impressed with the whole company, even flies coming in seem to be dying off immediately!

- Victoria, December 2011

The technician was fantastic. He was very helpful and really patient with all my questions.

- Deborah, December 2011

It's all been great. The technician was really good, professional and a really nice guy. He explained everything before he left so I was aware of the elimination period and the warranties.

- Lisa, December 2011

Everything's great. I’m not seeing any creepy crawlies around the house since the treatment.

- Deborah, December 2011

The treatment has been teriffic! The technician was very good. He was courteous, polite, very pleasant, and mindful of the pets. He also explained everything when he was done. I’ve used Competitive for the last few years and have been happy every time!

- Penny, December 2011

I highly recommend both the technician and Competitive. The company is fantastic and technician was very good. Everything's going well. I haven’t seen anything since the technician has been.

- Kate, November 2011

All the insects are dropping like flies. The service was excellent, very happy. The technician was very conscientious and he communicated everything he was doing and explained what to expect.

- Marline, November 2011

Everything was excellent and the technician was great. He found redbacks we didn't know we had and showed us what to look out for. We are very satisfied customers.

- Sarah and Adam, November 2011

We haven't seen any insects since the treatment. We are very happy.

- Maria, November 2011

It's all going well. The technician was really good. He answered all of my questions and was lovely.

- Leanna, November 2011

So far so good. The technician did a really good job and was really helpful. Everything is dying off nicely. Spoke about a barrier system which I found very informative.

- Hannah, November 2011

I’m very impressed with the technician, he was fabulous. He did a really good job. I was glad that during my party no insects were seen.

- Angela, November 2011

Competitive are the masters of pest control. My wife oversaw the treatment and said the technician was very thorough and explained everything. I am a very happy customer.

- Tim, November 2011

I was thinking about Competitive this morning and how I haven't seen a sign of cockroaches or spiders since it was treated. I’m very happy

- Sheila, October 2011

The technician’s were two very pleasant gentlemen. They were very informative and knew exactly what they had to do. I couldn't be happier. The last couple of years I have had to complain to my former Pest control company which is why I used you this year. My son loved the goodie bag.

- Bridgette, October 2011

Absolutely great service.  No problems at all. The technician was fantastic. He was informative and turned up on time.

- Lara, October 2011

The technician had great manners and was very civil at the door. He explained everything thoroughly, was dressed tidily and had great manners. I couldn’t fault him.

- Dick, October 2011

Bees are all gone. The technician was kind, polite and efficient. We are very happy.

- Robert & Yolanda, October 2011

The technician was very good. He explained what he was doing and talked to me about my dog, which was reassuring.

- Diane, October 2011

Everything is fine. The technician was great, he was gorgeous. He was great with the kids and listened to me when I was telling him where the main issues were. I am over the moon with the treatment, it has worked wonderfully. I have already recommended you to 2 people.

- Susan and Paul, October 2011

The service was perfect, just like last year.

- Rima, October 2011

Everything has been great. Absolutely no complaints. The whole programme, service-wise, that you have in place, is brilliant. I’ve never had service like it. You have definitely set the standard in my eyes.

- Grahame. October 2011

The technicians were very nice and very professional. A merit to Competitive!

- Sam, October 2011

The technician was really friendly, informative and polite. He also did a great job. I’m very pleased with the result.

- Stephanie, October 2011

Thanks very much for the Thank You card. I’ve never been sent a letter of thanks by a company before.

- Mrs Willard, October 2011

Everything is fine and dandy. I haven't seen any cockroaches since the day of the treatment. The technician was excellent and explained everything before I had to leave.

- Amanda, October 2011

Everything's been going great. Straight away there was an improvement in the house. I no longer have to wear insect repellant to bed! The technician was great! The service is top notch, you have it down.

- Erin, October 2011

The treatment was excellent and has definitely had an effect. I haven’t had any issues. I am very happy and the technician was brilliant and our service has been great.

- Natalie, October 2011

Everything has died down now. Ever since the technician baited the noises have stopped. It must've worked straight away! The technician was great, we honestly couldn't fault him.

- Jackie and Andrew, October 2011

I haven't heard from or heard one rat since the baiting, so I am very happy. The technician was very pleasant, informative, on time and had lots of advice for me.

- Susan, October 2011

No problems. The technician was very nice and explained everything to me. I loved the fact that he was so considerate regarding the newborn and the dog. I really liked the reminder text and the confirmation email.  Everything has been very professional.

- Donna, October 2011

The technician was polite, pleasant and helpful and even put up with our crazy morning routine.

- Liz, October 2011

It has all been good.  I have not seen any cockroaches flying around which I’m really happy about. The technician was absolutely great. I can't fault the service.

- Anne, October 2011

Everything has been really good. We haven’t seen anything either dead or alive. The technicians were exactly on time, polite and courteous. As far as our service is concerned, it was a great experience.

- Jennifer and Rob, October 2011

It's all been excellent. The technician was really nice and did a great job. He explained everything and gave me everything I needed. The service has been brilliant. I can't suggest a thing to improve.

- Sarah, October 2011

Competitive have been fantastic. I’m really happy and cannot fault the service I’ve received from day one.

- Louise, September 2011

I’m a very happy customer. Everything was really good. I give 100% for customer service.

- Virginia, September 2011

Superb! The technician was a lovely guy and very professional.

- Don, September 2011

Everything is great. The technician explained everything on the day. I’ll be getting Competitive back next year!

- Wesley, September 2011

The technicians were very good. If I had a pest control company I would employ him! Everything was explained. The technician made a couple of suggestions to me for keeping termites at bay, which I am keeping in mind.

- Bernard, September 2011

It's all fantastic. The technician turned up on time, got on with his job and was a really nice guy.

- Khanh, September 2011

Everything is gold. It's all looking fine. The technician was efficient and very nice. I give Competitive a 10 out of 10 and I'm a hard marker.

- Barbara, September 2011

My experience with Competitive has been great, really awesome. Everything was explained fully on the day. The technicians were fantastic!  

- Sibel, September 2011

Everything has been very good. The technician’s were true gentlemen and scholars who were very efficient.

- Bill, September 2011

Everything went extremely well. The scurrying in the roof has stopped, so the rodent baiting has worked well.

- Graeme, September 2011

Everything was great. I can't think of anything to improve the service!

- Tanya, September 2011

Everything was perfect. The overall service was great. The technician was brilliant. I’m a 3rd year customer who is always happy with Competitive.

- Anna, September 2011

I am very happy with the technician. Please send him every year.

- Dyan, September 2011

I am very impressed with the technician. The attitudes and service from everybody I encountered from the company was faultless.

- Kerry, September 2011

I am very happy with the treatment. The technician was very friendly, polite and good with the dogs. I haven’t seen anything creeping or crawling since we were treated. Call me in 12 months!  

- Deborah, September 2011

Competitive is absolutely wonderful and I am incredibly impressed with your service.

- Gillian, September 2011

The service was fantastic. I give you a 10/10!

- Sarah, September 2011

Everything's going really good. I’m not having any problems anymore. The technician was very friendly and professional. I used to use Pest Free and was NOT happy with them, when the technician turned up they would add $$$ onto the price. They didn't give termite reports on the day, you had to wait 7 days. I didn't get mine, so spoke to fair trading, and then Pest Free threatened me with additional charges for a treatment I didn't get. So I am EXTREMELY pleased with Competitive!!

- Samantha, September 2011

Everything has quietened down after the first night. I’m very happy with the baiting. The technician was on time and very polite.

- Ian, August 2011

I was ecstatic and super pleased to be the competition winner!! The technician was great. I was so happy to have the new barrier treatment. It’s better than winning a holiday because it's looking after my premier investment. I’m just buzzing and extremely happy!

- Tania, August 2011

Everything's going really well. The technician went over the termite report and explained the guarantee and warranties. He was very polite and easy to deal with. He was upfront about what he would be doing around the house and he called en-route to let us know when he would be there which we where really happy about.

- Patrick, August 2011

The baiting has worked really well, where no longer hearing any activity. I am very pleased with the service. I have used Competitive a few times now and have been very happy every time!

- Charlotte, August 2011

Everything looks really good. The technician was really good, very thorough and explained everything as he went round. He was very helpful.

- Paula, June 2011

The technician was fantastic. Give him a pay rise! I was VERY impressed with him and how professional he was.

- Adrian, May 2011

I'm very happy with the treatment and the service. The technician was great. Very imformative and helpful.

- Kirsty, May 2011

My husband was very impressed. We haven't seen one cockroach since you treated. Even the sticky pad you left has only got one cockroach on it. Very very happy. Top marks.

- Jan, May 2011

The technician was friendly and efficient. He had a positive attitude. Nothing to be improved. Explained everything. Seemed passionate about his work. He should get a pay rise!

- Laura, May 2011

The technician was perfect. I couldn't fault him. Everything has gone really well.

- Jenny, April 2011

The service was good. The technician was really good, really helpful. He had a good attitude. It's nice to have a tradie you can talk to.

- Angela, April 2011

The technician was lovely, delightful. So professional, friendly. I've had renovations done recently, and had a lot of dodgy tradies. Your technician was a pleasure in the house. I'm a very happy customer.

- Margaret , March 2011

Everything's gone very well. Everyone I've had contact with from Competitive has been very nice and helpful.

- Therese, March 2011

Fantastic! My husband oversaw the treatment, but said he was more than impressed with the technician. Would've given him a 10 out of 10 for sure! And a 10 out of 10 for the office staff for being so helpful on the phone, and finding an appointment time and date that was convenient for me. I was very particular.

- Geraldine, March 2011

I'd like to praise the technician and say what a great company and staff the owner has there.

- Ursula, March 2011

Everything seems to be fine. I'm happy with everything. I've recommended you to my parents.

- Analizza, March 2011

Everything went well. I think the technician is excellent and want him every year.

- Rosina, March 2011

The technician was wonderful, and the treatment is working really well. Could you thank the technician on my behalf for a wonderful service. I will be recommending Competitive as a result. He is a good ambassador for the company.

- Kim, March 2011

The same technician did our place last year and I'm very happy with the service.

- Belinda, March 2011

Absolutely brilliant. No problems whatsoever. The technician was on time, did the job, and left. Perfect.

- Luke, March 2011

Everything went really well. I'm a regular customer who is happy once again.

- Robin and Evan, March 2011

The technician was discreet and polite. He warned me about stuff and went out of his way. He was a lovely man. I know he could've gone about doing his job and just left, but he really made an effort to make the experience as pleasant as it could be.

- Sarah, March 2011

The technician was just brilliant! He pointed out the Red-back webs. I couldn't have asked for more in terms of a technician and service. I'm an extremely happy customer!

- Frances, February 2011

Everything was good. The technician went to take his shoes off when he got here, so top marks!

- Nick, February 2011

The technician was lovely and very efficient. Nothing was a fuss for him. Even tolerated Harry, the pest of a dog!

- Julie, February 2011

The service went very well. The technician did a good job. He was polite and professional. Top marks.

- Zeno, February 2011

The technician was great. Polite, timely, and professional. Would recommend him to anybody.

- Sarah, February 2011

The service went really well. The technician was a champion, a top bloke. Would give him a 24 out of 10. Would recommend Competitive and the technician to anybody.

- John, February 2011

Everything was great. Everything went well. The technician was amazing to be as timely and professional in the middle of a heatwave. Wouldn't hesitate to use us again.

- Natalie, February 2011

Absolutely spot on. Tremendous. Absolutely wonderful. Absolutely marvelous. Recommending Competitive to everybody. The technician couldn't have been more helpful. He was incredible. Best company in the world.

- Gwen, February 2011

All very good with the service. The technician was very good. I applaud him for going into the roof on such a hot day.

- Rachael, February 2011

The technician was absolutely brilliant. I can't talk him up enough. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and thanks for the brilliant service.

- Catherine, December 2010

The technician gets a 10 out of 10 based on - friendliness, attitude, helpfulness. I left just after he got there, but was very impressed with him for that initial 5 minutes.

- Caroline, December 2010

The technician was thorough. Personable. Usually pest control don't talk to you, but your technician did. He was informative.

- Naomi, December 2010

Everything was explained very clearly, and precisely, The service was excellent. I will be recommending Competitive to everyone at play group and all friends and family.

- Sharon and Steve, December 2010

On time. Efficient. Courteous. Good job all round.

- Alex, December 2010

The technician did a great job, and ran through everything as he did it. I'm a very happy, long-term customer.

- Glenn and Karen, December 2010

The same technician treated my property two years ago. Very happy. Everytime.

- Amy, December 2010

The technician is lovely, absolutely gorgeous. You can send him round anytime.

- Charles and Liz, December 2010

Perfect. He was perfect. Praising the company as a whole. I appreciate the annual reminder calls, follow up calls and everything in between. Very happy customer.

- Kate, December 2010

The technician was a really nice person. Got there early, which was good. Explained everything. He was a nice fella. Professional to deal with. A refreshing change from the company I had last year, who I'll never be using again thanks to your technician.

- Christine, December 2010

Very thorough. Highly impressed. Work was exceptional. Will be using you again and would like the same technician next time too.

- Martin, December 2010

The technician was a nice guy, and friendly. I've recommended you to my parents.

- Nicky, December 2010

The technician was efficient and explained things. He told me what he was going to do, and which order he was going to do it in. My daughter has had the technician before and agrees he's great.

- Pauline, December 2010

The technician was great. He even told me that my roof was leaking which I wasn't aware of.

- Bernadatte, November 2010

The service was very good, everything went well. In fact, so much so, that I've booked in my other apartment.

- Mariapola, December 2010

Perfectly on time. The technician was lovely. I'm a devout customer who uses Competitive every year. I love your service.

- Robyn, November 2010

The technician was great. I was very surprised at his punctuality. Not your average tradie.

- Elizabeth, November 2010

10/10 every time. I use you every year and I'm always happy. You rock.

- Alicia, November 2010

The best technician I've had so far. Went above and beyond.

- Cassandra, November 2010

The technician is an awesome guy. 10/10 all the way.

- Lucy, November 2010

I'm very pleased with the treatment. The technician talked me through what he was doing.

- Laurie, November 2010

The technician was lovely and fabulous. Kept the kids entertained as he went.

- Andrew, November 2010

Best pest controller ever. He should bring a lot of work to the business due to the way he treats customers. Very thorough. Couldn't be happier.

- Xiao, November 2010

The technician was brilliant, terrific. Very informative. Faultless performance.

- Tegan, November 2010

Brilliant, wonderful, terrific.

- Len and Nida, November 2010

I can see why you've won awards if all your staff are as professional as the technician you sent to my property.

- Andy, November 2010

Wonderful. Helpful. Informative. Found redbacks. Will recommend Competitive.

- Marie, November 2010

The technician was on time, professional and polite. Faultless.

- Anna, November 2010

Perfect performance.

- Gillian, November 2010

Job well done. Very impressed. The technician helped resolve a blackout!

- Michelle, October 2010

The technician was great. If my son turned out like him, I'd be happy.

- Cheryl, October 2010

The technician was very funny and even entertained the kids!

- Wendy, October 2010

I couldn't be happier. All was explained well and I couldn't fault the service.

- Tony, October 2010

Im a long-term customer. I have always been very satisfied with the service.

- Flora, October 2010

I've recommended Competitive to friends at the golf club!

- Vanessa, October 2010

Everything was great on the day. I'm giving the whole of Competitive Pest Control a 10 out of 10 for customer service.

- Suzie, October 2010

I'm a regular customer who is happy as always.

- Theresa, October 2010

The best service I have ever had. He even sprayed my car!

- Karen, September 2010

Perfect. Really nice guys - best service I've ever had and have recommended Competitive to my neighbours.

- Jo, September 2010

Great - I've never had this type of service before.

- Sally, September 2010

Could not be faulted.

- Nick, September 2010

Great technician (he came back after the rain) - I've already referred Competitive to a friend and will be in touch in 12 months to get treatment again.

- Serge, September 2010

Another customer recommended me to Competitive. Now I will be highly recommending your service.

- Tom, September 2010

This was the best service I've ever had from a pest control company. The tech was running a bit late due to traffic, but called to inform me. I will use Competitive again and recommend you to others.

- Ben, August 2010

The technician was very courteous. He spent a lot of time here, being thorough. And he was lovely to talk to, without invading our privacy.

- Gillian, March 2010

The tech was very courteous and punctual. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Competitive to anyone.

- Isaac, March 2010

I'm a loyal customer, who has never needed to use anyone else, because I'm happy with Competitive.

- Naomi, March 2010

11 out of 10. Thorough, great technician. I've recommended you to my friends and brother.

- Marie, March 2010

I was very happy with the service, especially that Donovan called back personally the next day when my father had a question.

- Sally, March 2010

On time, very lovely, and only good things to say about the service on the day and the service as a whole. I've already recommended Competitive to a friend. A yearly reminder would be a great help too

- Emma, March 2010

I'm really happy. Brad was a lovely guy, and I want him to do the work next year when I need the service again.

- Dominique, March 2010

Steve was perfect, very professional and thorough. Without a doubt I would recommend Competitive to my friends.

- Cheryl, March 2010

The service was absolutely wonderful. The technician and telephone staff were very kind and polite. Informative, taking the time to answer questions and be helpful. I will most definitely be recommending Competitive.

- Linda, March 2010

The service was very professional, and all is fine. We are happy to recommend Competitive, and happy that Competitive donates to charity.

- Alan, March 2010

All was fine with the service - I've already recommended Competitive to a friend. I'm glad someone turned up when they said they would!

- Kim, March 2010

I have been in the building industry my whole life and this is the best service I have ever had. Shane did an outstanding job, he carried out the treatment carefully and completely. I am confident in saying that I will keep using Competitive Pest Control

- John, June 2009

I would like to pass on my thanks to Patrick who carried out a fumigation yesterday. He was one of the most polite and well mannered young men I have dealt with. I wish him all the best

- Paul A, September 2009, Kirrawee

I would like to congratulate your pest control company on the excellent service you provided for me recently. I have for many years had my home inspected by another company, but have wondered at the short time spent on the inspection with the same result every time, with little explanation, and at substantial cost. For this reason I decided to obtain another opinion as I live in a highly wooded area of Pymble. When your service man finished a most thorough and detailed inspection, he then spent more time explaining to me what he had found, and what should be done. I was truly impressed and confident with his explanation and can assure you I will be relying on Competitive Pest Control in future. Thank you.

- Judy, August 2009

I just wanted to say thank you! I have had you out twice to my place to spray for fleas and I wanted to comment firstly on how punctual you were. I have never come across a company who actually arrives when they say they will, but sure enough you arrived at 12.30pm on the dot. I have also found your service to be very professional and very efficient. Once again I would just like to congratulate you and your staff on running such a professional service and I will be certainly passing your details onto all my friends and colleagues.

- Melanie, August 2009

I needed to send you an email to advise that I was very impressed with your service. I found the technician very professional, very customer focused and basically terrific. Thank you.

- Cirelle, April 2009, Casey

You guys are outstanding. Fantastic!

- Tamara, April 2009, Killara

Rob was attentive and lovely. I have recommended you to many people for your professionalism and I liked things like your all-round service- it was all very impressive.

- Narelle, March 2009, Rozelle

I don't usually do this but I'm just calling to let you know about the fantastic service I received from your technician. Thank you for the great service.

- Mike, November 2008, Frenchs Forest

I telephoned your office to say what a wonderful job Conrad and Tony had done in my home. I was very comfortable having them in my house, I do not normally call, but you were so good that I felt I had to call and let management know. I would also like to praise Mary in the office regarding my initial call.

- Joelle, October 2008, North Narrabeen

We wish to thank you for such an excellent job. We called Competitive Pest Control because we like to give ourselves and our grandchildren every possible protection in the home and garden. We were pleased to find our technician, Julian, was polite, knowledgeable and efficient. We will be recommending "Competitive" to our family, friends and neighbours. Thanks again

- R & P, October 2008, Clontarf

Your technician did a brilliant job. He was very polite and down to earth. I have had many tradespeople through my apartment over the years, but I can confidently say he was the best.

- Heather, Mona Vale

I have rang to say how good Chris, the technician, was. He obviously cares about his job and does a good job. You are lucky to have such a good employee. I will definitely recommend you to other people.

- Cameron, January 2008, Harbord

I just rang to tell you how very professional and helpful your technican was yesterday. He explained everything before he did it. He also just got on and did his job. You should be proud to have him on your staff. I have already recommended you to three other friends.

- Sue, December 2007, Frenchs Forest

Service was really good. Technician very responsible, very polite, very careful & thorough, very experienced. I was very satisfied with service.

- Mandy, November 2007, Frenchs Forest

Very happy with service. Definitely recommending you to friends & family.

- Maria, November 2007, Balgowlah

Technician was amazing- so thorough. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.

- Jo, November 2007, Frenchs Forest

Absolutely fantastic. Technician great. Very impressed with service.

- Rebecca, October 2007, Narrabeen

Fantastic. Technician was very polite and professional.

- Rowena, October 2007, Killara

I am very happy with the service. Treatment was explained. Timed allocated worked well. Will be recommending you to my friends.

- Anne Marie, October 2007, Maroubra

I have lived all over the world for the last 22 years and I was very impressed with your technician. Even when a 'rude' neighbour took your technicain's car spot when he was backing into it, he did not get angry, but stayed polite. The technician was efficient, thoroughly charming, totally polite, respectful, careful of our home, and an absolute credit to your company. We will certainly be recomending your services to everyone.

- Jan, June 2007, Woollahra

I would just like to report that Rob did a fantastic job today and I was very happy with the service provided. I am a businessman myself and I know how important it is to get good feedback on your services. Good job!

- Patrick, May 2007, North Ryde

It is not often you find someone so delightful, and I thought management should be made aware that the technician sent to my house yesterday is a credit to your company.

- Barry, May 2007, Avalon

To all whom are looking for pest control help. A short time ago I was searching to find an effective, reliable and competitively priced pest control service. A friend of mine recommended Competitive Pest Control. I rang and spoke with a very helpful gentleman who took the time to explain their procedures, costs, how long it would take and their guarantees. It almost sounded too good to be true, but what did I have to lose? Last week I had the pleasure of having Competitive Pest Control come to my home to complete a spider, silverfish, cockroach and termite inspection. The company representative arrived promptly (in fact a few minutes early) and with a friendly manner introduced himself, explained what he was going to do, and began work immediately. (Having had a poor experience with another company the week before I was already very impressed.) He worked quickly, quietly and efficiently. In fact, I was so impressed with his manner that I ended up leaving my home unattended in his capable hands. I am a busy mum who works part time and really appreciated not being stuffed around, kept waiting or disappointed by false advertising. If you are looking for pest control, I would highly recommend this company. You won't be disappointed. Congratulations on such great service. Keep up the good work!

- Di, May 2007, Lane Cove

I am really thrilled with the really good job by your staff today. He gave me a good explanation of the treatment and I thought he was very professional.

- Dawn N, May 2007, Thornleigh

In March 2005, I became aware of a termite problem in a small area of the toolroom of my home. Upon having several companies investigate the problem, I appointed Competitive Pest Control to carry out the pest management service. They did not use the "panic" approach on the customer to instigate a huge plan. Their price was competitive although not the cheapest. Their approach was not the most invasive, but the thoroughness of the initial investigation gave me confidence. The job started in March 2005. From then on inspections and baiting were carried out at three-weekly intervals. Due to the difficulty of access it took more than one year to eradicate the problem. The job was done at no extra cost, and with a smile. No more effort and dedication could have been used to be absolutely sure of a perfect result. It must also be noted that the service was excellent. Their appointments were always made with respect for the customer's time schedule first. Our inspector, Conrad, was always polite and friendly and had all respect for carpets, cleanliness and privacy and was a pleasure to deal with. As a conclusion, I would like to recommend Competitive Pest Control strongly. I have not been asked for this reference, but this company deserves high praise. I may be contacted if required.

- Hilde, July 2006, Avalon

I am writing to congratulate you on your fantastic service. I rang on Wednesday this week for a cockroach spray service and was thrilled that Rob was available to do this work the same afternoon. He was prompt, friendly and took the time to listen to the problem and explain the solution. I am so happy with your service that I have already recommended it to other people and will happily use your team again. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to Rob. Many thanks for your help.

- Catriona M, March 2006

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Our Team

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