The Pest Manager of the Year team at Competitive Pest Control Services in Brisbane has been forefront in getting the job done right the first time, for the past 25 years. We act to identify the issues, eliminate all pests and protect your home or business against their return. Our team of fully qualified professionals operate with no mess and no fuss using the safest possible pest control solutions available.


Unrivalled commercial pest management services

We’ve been in business for 25 years. So we understand the importance of eradicating pests from your premises so you can get on with the job. All our pest control solutions are HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 4801 and ISO 14001 accredited.

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Expert pest control for your home and family

You want your home to be comfortable for your family – but not for pests! Our CEO personally reviews all new technicians with the number one priority – would I feel comfortable inviting this person into my home? Additionally all our technicians ensure that chemical use is kept to a minimum, backed by our 200% guarantee.

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  • Feeling that you're getting RIPPED OFF?
  • Technician not spending enough time to inspect correctly?
  • Not turning up on time, and not coming back to fix the problem?
  • Chemical residue on office furniture, children's or pets toys?
  • Dirty technicians that don't care about your your home contents or office?
  • Feeling uncomfortable having the pest control technician in your home or workplace?


  • Having to call another company to do the job right.
  • Technician missing termites in your home due to carelessness, leading to hundreds of thousands dollars damage.
  • Wasting your time, again and again.
  • Chemical contamination to your loved ones and workplace.
  • Damage to your home or business due to negligence.
  • Compromising your families and colleagues safety.
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The pest control industry, for the most part, has a bad reputation. You're trusting the safety of your home, company, work colleagues and family, in the hands of a stranger that received their pest licence in a week. Added to that, pest control is not a glamorous industry - so it doesn't always attract the most reputable people.

(Interesting fact. It only takes a week to be licenced in Australian pest control industry)


And started a company we were proud of.

We gathered a team that was committed to:
  • Minimal chemical usage
  • Protecting the environment
  • Helping those less fortunate
  • Turning up on time
  • Caring about our customers
  • Keeping our rates competitive
  • Being prepared to put their money where their mouth is (We offer a 200% Money Back Guarantee).
  • Oh and they also had to be trustworthy and look presentable.
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It wasn’t long before other companies noticed what we were doing, and CPS started winning Awards. BASF, AEPMA, Telstra, True Local, Manly Daily, Cumberland Classifieds, to name a few.


Even though it all sounds good on paper, some people still weren't comfortable using a smaller company rather than the larger companies (even though none of the larger companies are Australian owned).

Thats when we put up a 200% Money Back Guarantee to help new customers give us a go.

This means that if you are ever unhappy with the service by CPS, then we will refund your money AND we will pay for you to get the job done by one of our competitors. We can offer this amazing guarantee, as we KNOW you'll be happy.

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If all this isn't enough to convince you that Competitive Pest Services is the best provider for your pest control needs, then rest easy knowing that CPS is Audited every year to achieve the stringent Quality ISO 9001, Environmental ISO 14001, OHS ISO 4801 and HACCP Accreditation.

All these internal accreditations, ensure that an auditor has gone through and made sure that we are committed to quality.


We are not the cheapest out there, and definitely not the most expensive. We’re called competitive for a reason – our rates are competitive!

We can assure you we don’t make nearly as much profit as half the companies in our industry.
This is due to our commitment to be the best in the industry.

CPS sacrifices profit every time we:

  • Train our staff to be the best in the industry
  • Donate money to CPS One Tech One Child charity initiative
  • We spend longer onsite
  • Have to re-attend at No Charge due to minimal chemical applications
  • We strive for another accreditation
  • We pay our technicians the best wages in the industry (to offer the best service we need to employ the best).
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Competitive Pest Services has partnered with the Cambodian Children’s Fund to raise awareness and support for this worthy charity. The One Tech, One Child initiative is simple – for every new technician that joins CPS, the company will commit to sponsoring another child through CCF.

So far we have donated $56,400 to this worthy charity.

We get it. Having someone in your personal environment can be stressful.

Thats why all our technicians have been reference and police checked. Plus they have to go through CPS ‘Would I feel comfortable if this person was in my home?’ test.

A technician may have the greatest qualifications around, but if we wouldnt feel comfortable putting him/her in a home with our family, then we wouldnt ask our customers to do the same.

In thirteen years, we have never missed termites in a customers home.

We believe that no other pest control company in Australia can make this claim.

We spend double the time checking for termites at our customers home, than most of our competitors.


We’ve made sure that CPS uses the lowest amount of chemicals possible. Not just that, we also use the most environmentally friendly chemicals possible. The reality is that to protect our families and workplaces from disease and pests, we need to use chemicals to get the job done.

We promise though that our team will use the minimum amount necessary. Does that mean that our technicians have to return sometimes, to top up a treatment throughout the year at No Extra Charge? Of course it does. But we sleep better at night knowing our staff and our families live in an environment with minimal chemicals.

Global warming is a real threat to the planet's future for our children, and their children.

Competitive Pest Services is committed to the environment as a whole, not just the environment in your home. CPS believe it’s our legacy to pass on Earth better than we were given it. Each year we offset our carbon emissions with an Australian company Climate Friendly. CPS is 100% carbon neutral.


CPS is passionate about helping others, without compromising safety and the environment. We’re passionate about giving an honest service at an honest price. We’re in the service business and so we’re passionate about helping others

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