Residential Service Agreement

Residential Service Agreement

Welcome to the Competitive Pest Services family! We are excited to begin servicing your home and taking care of you and your family.

You will be familiar with the below Terms & Conditions which form part of your Service Agreement for your Residential Regular Pest Prevention Service, and here’s another copy to confirm for you –

Covered Pests

These will be included in your Service Agreement based on the package that you have chosen suits you best.

Service Frequency

The chosen months for your Pest Prevention Package are included in your Service Agreement based on when you joined CPS.

Should additional services be needed in between seasonal services, please contact the CPS Team by SMS anytime and we will provide additional services at no extra cost which forms part of our Re-Treatment Guarantee. You can reach us at 0488 811 771.

Re-Treatment Guarantee

If covered pest activity has not improved on or in the structure 10- 14 days after treatment, Competitive Pest Services will perform a free re-treatment.

Agreement Period

This is not a one-time service, but an agreement for a minimum of 12 month/s. This agreement includes a total of (4) seasonal services following the initial; with regular services performed Seasonally thereafter. After the initial agreement period, monthly billing and seasonal services will continue until cancelled with a 30 day written notice.

Termination Agreement

If for any reason I am unable to fulfill the 12 month/s obligation associated with this agreement, I agree to pay a termination fee of the remainder of the unpaid amount of the original contract, and reimburse Competitive Pest Services

Service Notification

Following your Initial Service, Competitive Pest Services will provide notification via Email, Automated Voice Message and/or Text Message to notify you of your upcoming service date. If no one is home at the time of service, the standard exterior treatment will be performed and a digital Service Report will be sent to the email on file. This will be sent to your nominated contact details in your Service Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Competitive Pest Control Pty Ltd ABN 36 119 709 401 Trading as (“Competitive Pest Services”) agree to carry out inspections and treatments (the “Pest Prevention Service”) at regular intervals throughout the calendar year as detailed in the Service Schedule.

This service agreement will be continued for a minimum period of (12) twelve months and authorizes Competitive Pest Services to access and perform service at the above property. After initial one year period, service will continue to be rendered until a written 30-day notice of cancellation is received. Any discounted initial treatment is given based on a minimum (12) month agreement. Therefore customer agrees to pay the difference between the standard and discounted initial service prices if the contract is cancelled prior to the expiration of the one year term.

By signing this agreement you are agreeing to receive information related to this service electronically. A paper copy of this agreement, or completed work orders may be requested at any time.

This service does not include control or prevention of wood-destroying pests such as termites, or any other wood-destroying organisms. CPS shall not be liable for any claim for personal loss, bodily harm, property loss, or structural damage caused by pests. CPS will service both the interior and exterior of the property on the initial visit. During subsequent visits, CPS will follow the service plan chosen by the customer. If the customer’s service plan includes an interior service and the customer is not home, CPS will complete the exterior service and it will be the customer’s responsibility to contact CPS if they would like the interior service completed. This service would be completed at no extra charge.

Customer has agreed to CPS service plan. If between regularly scheduled services the customer requests additional services, CPS will return and retreat the home according to the customer’s service plan. Customer understands that some plans require a service fee for additional services.

CPS Technician will report to the Client on all matters that help control and minimise pest conditions at the Service Address including cleaning, storage and maintenance. A service technician will state what remedial work is required and where appropriate arrange for the Competitive Pest Services consultant to give the Client further advice. These recommendations will be confirmed in writing. External factors can impact the effectiveness of the pest management program.

All prices noted on this agreement are inclusive of GST.

Your Right to Change your Mind – You have a right to cancel this agreement within 10 business days from and including the day after you signed or received this agreement without penalty known as ‘cooling-off’ period. Outside of the 10 business-day cooling-off period, a 30-day notice of cancellation is required and the remaining contract value will deem as cancellation fee.

Exclusions From Warranty – The following pests are excluded from CPS Pest Packages: – Ants exclude Red Fire Ants, Carpenter Ants, Funnel Ants & other declared pest species. – Rodents exclude native rodent species. – Spiders exclude ground-dwelling species (Funnel-web, Trapdoor, Mouse, Wolf, Huntsman, and Jumping).

Customer Commitment – – Follow all recommendations by the Pest Technician on the service report provided. – Pets are regularly treated to ensure they are free from Fleas and ticks at all times. – To work in conjunction with CPS or any of their representatives in reference to any reportable pest species found on the property including specific guidelines as outlined by the relevant authority