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Rats and Potholes Compromise Randwick Racing Facilities

The training facilities at one of Australia’s racing headquarters has been found to be riddled with a rat infestation, busted fencing, and potholes. Despite this, the Australia Turf Club (‘ATC’) has plans to increase rent and stable fees, due to a slump…

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Rat-Infested Bendigo Restaurant Facing Massive Fine

Bendigo restaurant Indian Tavern Tandoori Restaurant is facing the prospect of a massive fine as a result of the 24 charges laid against its owners. Owners Avta Chatha and Ribina Jalil have been charged with breaching food standards and handling food in…

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Effective Cockroach Control in the Home

Cockroaches can infest a home surprisingly quickly in the absence of adequate control measures. There are different ways in which residents can deter cockroaches in the home. Using borax and chemicals To create cockroach bait, mix borax and sugar in equal amounts….

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Bat Houses a Proven Tool for Mosquito Control

Bat houses have been used successfully to control mosquito infestations for thousands of years. A resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Leroy Smith knew this when he decided to make 100 bat houses and distribute them throughout his local neighbourhood. The idea appealed…

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Longer Daylight Hours Induce SAD Effect in Rats

While humans often find themselves experiencing the “winter blues” during seasons with shorter days, scientists have found that the opposite is true for rats. A new study by biologists at the University of California at San Diego has revealed that rats that…

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Residents Terrorised by Giant Rat Invasion

Giant rats have invaded a number of Rotorua residences in Logan Street, Kawaha Point Rd, and Luke Place. The large water rats gained access to the homes by chewing through skirting boards and walls. Local residents say they have killed numerous rats…

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