Bird shooting

Used as a last resort, and to assist clients with small budgets who need an immediate result


More than 20 species of birds pose a threat to crops in the cereal, horticultural and aquaculture
industries, resulting in over $300 million damage annually.

Competitive Pest Services can complete bird shoots to eradicate pest birds. It should be noted however, that bird shoots cannot be guaranteed for all environments and are subject to a thorough and detailed risk assessment before deciding if completing a bird shoot can go ahead.

How it works

Our specialists will develop a strategic, targeted plan to manage the bird shooting, which may include reducing numbers by destroying birds or a scare tactic to disperse birds. Varying techniques are available for consideration, including daylight shooting with decoys and callers, or night time shooting with spotlights.

We always recommend shooting to be conducted in parallel to other bird control measures for the most effective and sustainable results.