From a bird control perspective the mining industry is unique, as no other industry has such a diverse range of bird problem scenarios.


Unlike agriculture and horticulture businesses, Mining can be at risk to birds 12 months of the year. Once a good food source is found, birds will simply remain permanently, attracting more birds in the process.

Wide open sheds and warehouses have often become a natural habitat for birds. They are wide open, offer shelter and ideal nesting areas and easy for bids to access. Birds in these type of environments also pose health and safety problems for employees.




Bird netting is the only permanent solution for stopping birds from perching and leaving them no other choice but to find another home. It is often necessary to install bird netting on the sides of the walls as well as under the roof in this type of environment. This type of solution guarantees 100% bird eradication.

Other areas in the mining industry where netting is used include:
• Pond exit safety nets: For escape of falling into HDPE lined ponds
• Bird netting: Deterring bird from roosting in the workshop area
• Pond cover nets: Stopping birds or animals from drinking toxic water
• Conveyor nets: Catching debris spills and roller displacements
• Boom nets: Filtering debris from entering pumps
• Safety nets: Debris catch, pallet racking, truck loading, etc.
• Cover your load nets: Cargo hold down nets for utes and trucks