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5 Steps to Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are a particularly nasty pet because they feed on the blood of humans and leave red, itchy marks in their wake. They are often found in accommodation and spread easily by clinging onto travellers’ clothes or luggage. Bed bugs are…

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Kebab House Riddled With Thousands of Cockroaches

A pest controller with over 30 years experience told a court that the cockroach infestation he saw at Halifax Kebab House was the worst he had ever witnessed, according to The Halifax Courier. Andrew Stewart said he was alarmed to find traps…

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How a Termite Inspection Works for Controlling Termites in Australia

Homeowners should book regular termite inspections to see if their property is at risk of infestation, advised to What happens during a termite inspection? A professional termite inspector will look at your home and most likely tap and inspect walls, foundations…

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How Can You Do Natural Pest Control?

Avoiding chemicals where we can is not only better for the environment but it is safer and healthier for us too. Home pest control can involve chemicals that are dangerous if not handled by a professional, but there are some simple ways…

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Pest Fighting Drones to the Rescue

Drones can be very useful in pest control, reported The Chronicle’s Rachael Murray. A drone is an unmanned flying device that is controlled remotely from the ground.

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98 Year Old Woman Oblivious to 30,000 Bees in her Attic

Pest controllers found 30,000 bees in a 98 year old woman’s home, reported The Daily Mail’s Chris Pleasance. The Florida retiree was oblivious to the noise caused by the bees, rats and squirrels as they fed on a honeycomb in her attic….

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