Stop Bedbugs Before they Infest You Home

Bed bugs are most often picked up in hotels when you’re abroad and then taken back to your home where they may flourish. Pest Management Professional explained how you can eliminate the pests from suitcases and bags when you return from your travels.

How to protect your house from bed bugs?

If bed bugs are suspected to be hiding in clothing, appliances, luggage or other equipment, the items should be placed in large plastic bags along with one to three pounds of dry ice. The carbon dioxide in the dry ice will replace the air in each bag and suffocate any bed bugs.

It’s important to wear gloves and handle the dry ice carefully. It should never be touched with bare skin, or painful freeze injuries can result. Vacuum bags are even more effective to use than plastic bags. A hose can be used to remove most of the air, helping to asphyxiate the bugs and their eggs.

Studies have shown that treatments involving dry ice and plastic bags will kill all bugs and eggs within 48 hours of treatment. This is the minimum time the bag should be kept sealed in order for the carbon dioxide to permeate throughout the space.



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