1st Annual Pest Control Conference

An Unforgettable and Informative Day at Competitive Pest Service’s 1st Annual Pest Control Conference

The 1st Annual Pest Control Conference was held at Pan Pacific Hotel Yangon on 2nd October and Hilton Hotel Mandalay on 4th October. Led by a panel of keynote speakers that included some of the most esteemed industry experts within the pest control sector, the two-part conference provided a platform for these specialists to discuss issues relating to the protection of public health, food and property through effective pest management strategies. As stated by Gary Journeaux, CEO of Competitive Pest Services and Myanmar’s leading termite specialist:

“After launching CPS Myanmar in 2015, we have decided now is the time to organise an annual conference to educate our clients and the greater market about pest control trends. Food Hygiene and Public Health was not at the forefront of discussions four years ago, however we are pleased to see this now becoming a priority”

This panel included such figures as Raja Mahendra, who worked as a marketer of pest control products in Europe and the APAC region, and Gary Journeaux. In addition, attendees were also treated to valuable insights from both Leonard Laird, a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) instructor, and James Ritter, a Field Biologist from the UK.

Aim of the Conference

The aim of the conference was to connect people within the international pest control community and further the public’s understanding of pest management practices by spreading new ideas and sharing the latest technological advancements. In attendance were representatives from the Myanmar Hotels Association and the Myanmar Restaurant Association, who came away with valuable knowledge regarding the advantages of proper pest management in a commercial environment. From Gary Journeaux:

“Pest control affects us all, so we saw a great range of attendees at our conference”

From key trends shaping pest management and HACCP fundamentals, to advice achieving Integrated Pest Management (IPM) standards and termite baiting versus chemical baiting, the Pest Control Conference covered some of the most important topics faced by the industry, local businesses and homeowners in Myanmar. HACCP, Termite and IPM training was also offered to guests and a Certificate of Participation signed by all of the keynote speakers was provided. Leonard Laird, HACCP Auditor, shared:

After years of performing HACCP Audits overseas, it is extremely rewarding to be now sharing this knowledge with the Myanmar people”



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