Do you need Weed Control Services?

You may think that you have no need for a weed control service and that might be true. But weeds can have a much larger impact then many can imagine. Doing more damage than just being an eyesore in beautiful garden. From causing devastating damage to crop, to making livestock sick, to ruining the surrounding eco system they can cause a real issue if not dealt with properly and can continue to grow over and over and cause damage.

Why are weeds so bad?

Weeds can with ease reduce farm and forest productivity. They are able to invade crops, take hostage of pastures and in some cases can really harm livestock. By nature, they aggressively compete for water, nutrients, and sunlight, destroying whatever plants may stand in the way resulting in reduced crop yield and poor crop quality. In fact, on the topic of agriculture an Australian Bureau of Statistics survey of issues that face the agriculture industry found that weeds were the most reported natural resource management issue affecting landowners. Weed related issues affected an astonishing 73% of Australian agricultural establishments it is estimated that weeds cost Australian farmers around $1.5 billion a year in weed control activities and a further $2.5 billion a year in lost agricultural production. Needless to say, over time tough weeds can cause a great economic impact to business, even affecting farming machinery 

which can cost thousands of dollars to replace. But agriculture is not the only thing these weeds can affect they can also impact your loved ones in ways you may not expect. For example, the weed poison hemlock is a neurotoxic weed that can have a lethal effect on a child or pet’s nervous system if accidentally ingested. 

How can I prevent weeds growing?

Some garden stores will stock pre-emergent If you are looking for how to stop weeds from growing then it’s vital to consider a chemical option. Pre-emergent herbicides stop weed seeds from beginning germination. Aim to apply early spring or after cultivating. Water application on top of the herbicide draws the herbicide down to the seed level for the best results. It is important to remember however certain store-bought herbicides are much less effective then those that would be used by licensed professionals.

It is also useful to keep an eye on young plants as they can bring new weeds with them into your garden. Weed seeds are great at spreading, even in a nursery environment. Inspect all new additions to your garden regularly and closely to ensure they aren’t bringing in any undesirable friends with them. If you can spot seeds or sprouts, simply pull them out where possible.

When is professional help needed?

There are many reasons as to why a customer may need professional help with stopping weeds invading, 

It is a laborious up hill battle if you do not have a lot of free time or expertise. There is no long term solution unfortunately. However if you trust a business to take care of the problem for you it is likely that the results will last a lot longer and when weeds do crop up again you will have more of a fighting chance against them! Here are a few scenarios in which weed control services should be prioritized

Lots of Land: If you work in agriculture or have a lot of space in your property, you know how important it is to enlist the help of professionals. Weeds cause havoc when not dealt with and naturally the larger the land the larger the potential problem. So getting in touch with a professional service is vital

No Free Time: As the saying goes time equals money, whilst you spend your time trying to tackle the problem yourself you could be missing out on other bits of work that need completing. And let’s face it dealing with lots of weeds is perhaps not the most enjoyable task for anyone! Especially on a large scale

Age/Disability: If you are not as young and spry as you used to be or if you just have a hard time crouching down multiple times to pull out and treat tricky weeds then professional services would be a good answer for you, repetitive strain injuries are more common then people believe when it comes to tricky jobs such as weeding.

How regularly do I need to treat weeds?

Theoretically if done right, just a couple times a year. The best time to treat weeds is when they are actively growing. This means you should start spraying herbicides on them in the warmer months. Maintaining your weed-killing regiment into the colder months. 

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