The Early Signs of Termites

A termite infestation can literally bring your house down. They bore into the framework of your building, hollowing out wood and weakening the structural integrity of your home or office. Studies show that termites cause $700 million worth of property damage in Australia every year. It’s believed that 1 in every 3 buildings has a termite infestation.

These attacks range from mild to severe, and they can escalate at alarming rates, so it’s a good idea to have your property regularly inspected for termites. Termites thrive in moist conditions, so it’s especially important to investigate this pest during our wet winters.

They prefer to hide in warm, dark areas that are hard to spot, so identifying an infestation can be a challenge. You may not discover them until the damage is done. While the professionals will give you the best results. here are a few signs you can spot on your own.

Top 5 Termite Signs to Look for in the Home

1. Termite Tubes

You’ve probably seen a chain of ants crawling along a wall or floor. Termites prefer the dark, so when they can’t find it naturally, they make it for themselves. They construct earthen tubes that keep out the light and offer safe passages for them to get around. Tubes are usually built overnight, so when you wake up the next day, you may spot them rising out of the ground and making their way along cracks in the wall. They’re more common after a rainy day.

2. Holes in nearby trees

Termites live their lives with military precision. When they are under attack, they will bore wide slits in wood to facilitate a speedy retreat while others will fight the predator. Once the battle is done, and everyone has dashed to safety, the termites will close up the hole so that it doesn’t offer easy access to enemies. The repair process often leaves barely visible holes.

3. Tap Tap Tapping

For the most part, crawling pests are small, soundless creatures, but their handy work can be quite loud if you know what to listen for. For instance, we all know the sickening sound of cockroaches skittering across old newspapers and cupboard linings. Similarly, termites can be spotted by a tapping noise inside your wooden frames. If you tap the frames in response, they will sound hollow, thanks to all the wood fibres that the termites have worn away.

4. Termite Toilets

Termite Toilets

Termite waste is called frass, and it’s a small, black, pellet-like substance. As the termites eat their way through your wood, they often deposit their waste at the entrance to their shelter tubes. Be on the lookout for tiny piles of what looks like dead ant bits. You might also find discarded wings in and around your home, which means your termites are reproductive. It’s a clear indication that you’re currently running a bed-and-breakfast for these little pests.

5. Weak hole-y floors

Weak hole-y floors

Usually, termites access wood from the bottom, bore through it in a honeycomb pattern, then exit using a smaller hole close to the wood surface. Your wood may, therefore, look like a cross between Swiss cheese and a rampaging hammer poking nail holes at every angle. The more holes there are, the weaker your wood will be. With time, the floors may visibly sag. If you spot any harbingers of termites, call us for an immediate termite control services.

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