How do bee swarms work?

Bees tend to swarm for one of two reasons. First because the hive has become over crowded so they then as a response split into two or more groups. Or they abscond, all bees including the queen abandon the current hive because of lack of food and water or many other reasons such as disease, disturbance by humans or animals, changes in climate, problems with their queen or bad ventilation. western honey bees aren’t nearly as likely to abscond as african honey bees that tend to swarm more often and are a bit more defensive of their hives as well.

How can you prevent swarms reoccurring

After the extraction of bee’s combs from a location the odor of beeswax remains. Because bees have an extremely strong sense of smell, the odor will be highly attractive to any future scouts seeking new places to nest, after bees have been removed from a building, all holes large wider then 1cm or larger, that lead to larger cavities in the property must be sealed up. Cavities can be filled in with expanding foam to make large spaces inaccessible for nesting. It is important to remember that If bees can find access to a void adjacent to the previous nesting site, they will move right in. If you find yourself in the position where bees are swarming it is always best to get the help and instruction from a licensed professional first.

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