How flour moths work

Flour moths (also named Indianmeal moths, pantry moths, and grain moths) are fairly common household pests that lay eggs in dry food products such as flour and grain hence the name, pretty gross right? They generally get a ride into your home on food products from infested warehouses or grain storage facilities. Pantry moths lay tiny gray and white eggs in flour, cereal, grains, and other dry goods. When the eggs hatch, a wriggling mass of larvae feed on your stored dry goods such as flour then form cocoons, and eventually hatch into adults, who will then lay more eggs. Adult females can lay 400 eggs after mating! Severe infestations can take up to seven months to get rid of.

How can I look out for these pests?

Check your food containers or packaging especially plastic bags or cardboard boxes for small holes where entry could be possible. Look for webbing on the food product or packaging or in dark corners of your cupboards as this is a common place for them to be found. Examine the food inside any suspicious looking or smelling containers for unusual odors or unexpected stickiness and clumps. You may spot actual moth larvae. Make sure to have a good look around your pantry to see if you can find any moths, which look like small, brown or copper colored moths. If you do not see any moths then alternatively, you could potentially have a larvae infestation.

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