How rice beetles work

Rice beetles or rice weevils as they are sometimes called are similar to other pantry pests, rice weevils or rice beetles will invade and feed on whole grains and rice as well as nuts, beans, seeds, corn, and other such foods. These rice beetles bury themselves and live and feed inside the food. The females bite a hole into a grain kernel or a seed and deposits an egg inside, then seals up the opening, leaving the egg behind. When the egg hatches inside the grain or seed, the larvae feed on inside until it is fully grown. Once they are fully grown, the adult rice beetle eats its way out of the grain or seed. Because of the females that are emitting pheromones, male weevils will be waiting outside the hole for her to emerge and will immediately seek to bond with her to reproduce.

How can I identify a rice beetle?

Rice beetles are around a 1/16 of an inch long. The adults are a dull reddish-brown to black colour, with four reddish-yellow spots on its back. The larvae on the other hand are soft white grubs with no legs. The pupae are similar to adults with long snouts, but they are white. How long do they last you may ask? The adult rice weevil can fly, and lives up to five months, with the female laying up to 400 eggs during her lifetime.

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