What’s the difference between pests and other insects?

We often talk about pests and insects but what exactly is the difference between the two? When we talk about insects, we know that they can be beneficial! In some cases, helping in the garden and helping the ecosystem flourish such as beetles! Pests are destructive by nature; they are often scouting for food to survive and to reproduce more of themselves. Pest infestation can be very destructive to crop production and can lead to diseases in humans an example of this would be leptospirosis a nasty blood disease rats give to humans. Insects, on the other hand, can be largely beneficial in agriculture. Insects such as bees play a big role in pollination. In the absence of bees, farmers will have to pollinate themselves and this is time consuming

How should I prevent persistent pests?

There are many pest control solutions out there for pests which just refuse to quit, the ones that you are most likely aware of are over the counter sprays or traps. Whilst these can be effective in the short term when battling pests, they are not ideal for seasonal and persistent pests. If you find yourself in an uphill battle against unwanted guests, we advise you get the help of licensed pest control professionals to help you. They will be able to manage the problem quickly and effectively.

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