Unexpected pests: Coyotes in America

Around half a million coyotes are killed each year in the U.S, many shot to death from small planes, helicopters and hunters. Yet the coyote has survived all attempts to eradicate it, spreading from its primary territory in the west of the rockies to the east coast, where it has now found a safer refuge in cities such as New York. So why are coyotes considered pests? Well coyotes can harass dogs and may prey on small dogs and cats as well as chickens. Attacks on larger dogs are usually associated with the mating or breeding season, when coyotes are most territorial.

How can Coyotes be prevented?

The number one step when deterring any wild animals is to keep your garden or land clean. Remove all food and water sources so the coyotes are not drawn to your property. Your garbage cans should have a lid, and you should be sure to take all pet food indoors, especially at dusk. This includes your pets, livestock animals, or even wild rabbits or rodents that may hang out in your yard. Fencing is the best way to keep your pets in, and coyotes out. Coyotes can jump high, and will dig as well, so fencing should be at least 6 feet tall, and buried a few inches into the ground.

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