The story of the pied piper

The tale of this popular story is centuries old and still to this day is told and adapted in modern media and it is all based around the horrible pests we know as rats. In 1284, while the town of Hamelin was suffering from a large rat infestation, a piper dressed in multi coloured (“pied”) clothing appeared offering his services, claiming to be a rat catcher. A deal was made, and the piper played his pipe to lure the rats into the Weser River, where they all drowned. When the piper returned the citizens refused to pay for the service as previously promised. The piper then retaliates by using his instrument’s magical power on their children, leading them away as he had the rats, never to return or be seen again. Spooky!

Can rats be attracted by music?

Through my research unfortunately I have found no link to rats being led from one place to another via music, especially to their demise. However, I did find out that studies have shown that rats can learn to love music at a certain age, some rats enjoy jazz, for instance. But without that training, they will ignore it at best. The same study has shown, however, that music can decrease their anxiety and boost their intelligence in certain cases.

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