What are Armadillos?

Most armadillos stick to areas closer to the equator such as South America they like hot to warm areas because of their lack of fat reserves. They are mostly nocturnal and stay inside their burrows when it’s hot and come out at dawn, dusk, or at night to look for food when it has cooled down a bit. Armadillos usually are not fighters and when threatened, the three-banded armadillo protects itself by rolling into a
ball, This technique is used to deter predators.

Are armadillos dangerous to humans or pets?

Armadillos will often pose no threat to humans or pets as they have a defense mechanism of standing motionless when a predator is approaching. However, if there is a serious threat, an armadillo is able to claw and bite. Through the act of clawing and biting, these armored animals can transmit diseases such as leprosy, rabies, and other harmful diseases. Humans are not likely to find themselves in a fight with an armadillo, but some curious house hold pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits for example might mistakenly engage with them. If your pet catches a disease from an armadillo, infection is more likely to spread within your home. Although it is rare for an armadillo to bite or claw another animal, it is best to keep these critters away from your home and your pets.

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