Unexpected pests: Bears in the suburbs

In some parts of the world, you need to worry about larger pests then just the odd cockroach or rat. In north America, many people experience the fright of bears rummaging through their garbage. Black bears will eat anything berries, fruit, acorns, grass, carrion, corn and other food products, even small animals when they can catch them. But they have a well-documented taste for bird seed, dog food, garbage, and anything sweet, which there is no shortage of in the suburbs.

How bears are kept away from properties.

Bears will not stay in suburban areas if they do not find anything to feed upon and taking precautions can help prevent bear problems. It is recommended to keep garbage cans indoors until pickup day and not to leave pet food out overnight. It is suggested that backyard bird store feeders are kept inside at night or hung from crosswires at least 11 feet from the ground and 5 feet from anything a bear could possibly climb. Keep in mind that outdoor pets are also at risk. If you spot a bear do not confront it.

Leave it alone and it will eventually go away. Otherwise, you are putting your life in danger.

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