Do homemade remedies for cockroach’s work?

While many natural cockroach repellents may say that they are effective, it’s always best to leave pest treatment to the professionals. Below we will discuss reasons why home remedies are not all they are cracked up to be.

Over-the-counter roach sprays really aren’t very effective at all when it comes to getting roaches out of your home, often just in keeping them out of sight. Sprays can act as a roach repellent for a short period of time, but by no means do they stop roaches for good. A cockroach spray rarely eliminates roaches unless direct contact is made.

Although it’s vital to have a pest management professional provide you with a treatment and protection guarantee (since cockroaches can come back), using home remedies for cockroaches can help give you temporary relief from these pests. But it is vital to remember that these homemade remedies are only very temporary

Can’t I just clean my home and wait for the roaches to leave?

Unfortunately, even a clean home can still attract cockroaches. Cockroaches enter structures like buildings and homes searching for food, water, and shelter. Since there will always be all three in most homes, cockroaches will often seek comfort here, despite many temporarily successful home treatments. Therefore, a pest management professional is so very important. The fight against roaches must be ongoing and the approach must be regularly maintained.

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